5 Colorful home corners that will bring you lots of joy this spring

It it said and known that colors bring joy in our life. And as much as I love a neutral space, I think a pop of color or more are always welcomed in a home. Therefore, today’s inspiration are the dreamy colors, so here are five colorful home corners that will bring you lots of joy this spring:

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1. Tropical and lazy

This warm season pick a colorful lazy corner in your home, that will be the perfect relaxing spot which will remind you of a dreamy vacation. Choose a colorful tiny sofa or chair and match it with an artsy framed pictures and an ethno rug. Make everything more tropical with oversized green plants and enjoy a lemonade in the comfort of your own home.

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2. Artsy and retro

A retro corner will look amazing matched with creative art. So, this season think colorful and pick bold deco elements matched with the most colorful printed photos you can think of or with abstract paintings. Pair colorful velvet furniture with a pastel wall and match this royal fabric with artsy decorations and framed pictures for an elegant reading corner.

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3. Work and art

A home office will become more creative and inspiring is you bring a touch of color in it. And because creativity is the perfect pair for art, decorate your office space with colorful framed pictures, posters, paintings and artistic deco elements. Also, add colorful sping flowers on your desk and paint your wall in a relaxing shade, such as dusty pink.

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4. Collectible dream

Transform your most treasured collection into a colorful home corner. Match neutral pieces with colorful ones and place your collection on cabinets in dreamy shades, surrounded with stylish green plants. From posters, to paintings, glasses, bottles or vases, any collection can look amazing if you get creative in a corner of your home.

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5. The colorful hallway

Bring joy and color into your home the moment you walk in or every time you walk from a room to another. Choose a colorful shelf to hold your keys and daily essentials and also match it with a colorful framed picture or painting and with dreamy magazines and books. Think cool and colorful and bring creative items in this sometimes forgotten space.

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