The Benefits of a Home Warranty for The Modern Day Homeowner

Modern-day homeowners are wary of investing in something they don’t see as useful but sometimes get carried away spending on costly home maintenance measures. While home maintenance can lead to longer shelf life for your household devices, a home warranty policy can act as a source of extra protection for your home.

A home warranty policy covers your home’s major appliances and systems by offering repair and replacement costs. It also costs less than the thousands of dollars that you spend when you face unexpected repairs. Read on to get to know more about the benefits a home warranty can offer homeowners.

Benefits Of a Home Warranty

Customizable Plans 

Home warranties offer all kinds of plans designed to fit your needs while providing additional protection to your home. A basic plan will cover the major appliances and systems of your home while you also have the choice to add extra items at an additional cost. This kind of coverage comes in handy when an appliance or system in your home breaks down due to normal wear and tear.

Many home warranties also offer you the option to customize your coverage plan. As modern-day homeowners don’t feel the need for unnecessary investments, customizable home warranty plans can be a great source of home protection.

Flat Rates 

You’d be surprised to know that homeowners start facing issues with their appliances and systems in the first year itself. Taking out a home warranty will ensure that you get even expensive repairs or replacements done at a flat rate.

An average home warranty policy costs $350-$500, which in due time pays off. Statistics show that homeowners spend around 1-4% on home repairs and maintenance yearly, starting from $2,000 – $200,000. Getting coverage for your home’s systems and appliances with a home warranty is a fair deal in comparison.

Easy Process 

The claims process of home warranty companies is fairly simple. You just need to call the company’s number or email your complaint. This process is way easier than spending hours searching for reputable technicians or repair companies.

Home warranty companies usually have experienced and skilled technicians that work with them on a contractual basis. You can easily get your problems fixed in a fast and efficient process.

Another bonus is that a home warranty can be the one-stop solution to problems ranging from different appliances to systems. You don’t need to search and find repair services for different problems arising in your household.

Good Resale Value 

Home warranties are transferable to the next owner, and houses equipped with them tend to have a good resale value. It brings about a sense of trust in potential buyers that any past breakdowns or repairs have been dealt with appropriately. If you plan to sell your home with a home warranty at some point in the future, you can see a 3% higher bid than the average standard.

Peace of Mind 

There may be some hesitation or resistance on your part in taking a home warranty, thinking that you may not end up using it. However, you cannot deny the reassurance an extra layer of protection will give you. $300 a year will not make a major dent into the budget set aside for your home. Paying this fixed amount can give you peace of mind as you can sit back and relax without worrying about any unforeseen and expensive repair costs.

Be it a leaky pipe or a broken air conditioner; you can just call your home warranty company or send an email to get an easy fix to your problems.

Final Word

There are also a set of cons that come along with a home warranty. For example, there are certain exclusions in every home warranty. This can easily be overcome with a careful reading of the home warranty policy. Reading the fine print will give you an idea of the plan, the extent of coverage, any exclusions, and more.

The benefits of a home warranty can easily outweigh the drawbacks it may have. Top companies like Select Home Warranty, etc., offer comprehensive and customizable plans that can fit your specific needs and have responsive customer service helplines to assist you during problems. You can learn more about the specifics of a home warranty on

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