10 Timeless IKEA furniture items for a home that can stand the test of time

When we go furniture shopping, IKEA is usually our favorite destination, but we often wonder what items we should invest in for a long period of time. To help you out, I’ve gathered 10 timeless IKEA furniture items for a home that can stand the test of time

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1. The elegant armchair

When choosing an armchair you have to go with a fabulous one that can stand out in your office space or reading corner. The STRANDMON model is the perfect solution for a classy and timeless armchair. Shop it here.

2. The grey sofa

I’m always thinking a grey sofa it’s the safest choice you can pick for a timeless living room space. Also, choose one with a minimal or mid century inspired design like this KARLSTAND model you can purchase here.

3. The mid century inspired bed

This elegant and timeless piece is also super versatile in any bedroom you add it in. Shop this TUFJORD bed with a gorgeous design right here.

4. The versatile desk

Serving as a vanity table or as a laptop desk, this ingenious and dreamy LILLASEN table solution is ideal for a tiny space. Check it out here.

5. The multi-purpose table

Why do I think the GLADOM tray table is a timeless piece? Well, it has a simple and minimal design, the perfect versatile color and it’s great as a coffee table, a side table and even nightstand. Shop it here.

6. The storage table

Another timeless table idea is the KVISTBRO one with a great storage solution for books, blankets and anything else you can think of . Buy it here.

7. The stylish shelf unit

This gorgeous VITTSJO shelf unit is the perfect styling exercise for any home, shwocasing the prettiest elements of your home, deco ideas, chic storage solutions and art pirces. Check it out here.


8. The garden chair – This dreamy rattan chair is a timeless piece for any garden an balcony. It’s calm relaxing and this year its also a must-have piece. Check out he BUSKBO armchair here.

9. The classy chair

Great for a dining space, a kitchen or a living room the NORRARYD chair is amazing simple, in pairs or in a classy chair mix. Buy it here.

10. The practical utility cart – This cart is an ingenious idea and a timeless piece for your home. It’s a great storing solution, it can move around being also a serving table and you can hide it anywhere you want, having wheels. Purchase the RASKOG cart here.

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