Tips on how to decorate mobile homes

Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, are affordable as well as environment friendly. Construction of a mobile home leaves substantially less waste than traditional homes. Contrary to popular belief, living in a mobile home has many advantages that are not apparent to most people. Mobile homes are smaller; hence, one can save the cost of repair and maintenance. Living in a mobile home is cost-effective, and you can end up saving money in the long-term. Moreover, mobile homes today are also safe to live in, which can enhance your quality of life. If you are looking for a simple lifestyle, mobile homes offer a good alternative.

However, when it comes to decorating a mobile home, it is quite a challenge. Mobile homes do not offer style variations. Also, there is not much room for making significant changes in the house. A major constraint in a mobile home is low ceilings and paneled walls, which makes it difficult to decorate it.

Despite all the constraints, decorating a mobile house can make it feel like a home. Moreover, even if you don’t want to keep your mobile home for long, by decorating it, you can sell your mobile home quick and at an excellent price too. The cost of a mobile home depreciates quickly; hence, decorating it can increase the price of your home by a substantial amount. Since a mobile phone is not real property, you can decorate it as you want.

Even with a modest budget, you can make huge changes in your home. If you are planning to decorate your mobile home, here are a few simple ideas that can enhance your space and make it feel like a home:


The walls in a mobile home are paneled and striped, which is quite visible. If you want to remove these stripes, fill the gaps in the wall to have a smooth finish. However, if you prefer to keep the striped panels, you can add headboards, mirrors, and shelves to give more depth to a room.

If you want to cover the walls, there are many options. Wallpaper is a quick and easy solution. You can also paint it any color you want. Since space is limited in a mobile house, using a light color palette can make your lounge seem spacious than it is. In addition to this, you can add mirrors as wall decorations to make the space look larger.


Plants are a great way to liven up your space. You can potted plants outside the door. Succulents are also a great option for indoor plants. These require less water and light; hence, they do not require a lot of care and maintenance. You can hang them from the wall or keep them in the windowpane.


Mobile homes have carpet flooring, which does not suit everyone’s taste. You can remove the carpet and install the flooring of your choice. Depending on your budget, there are many options for flooring. Wooden flooring is always a good option. Wooden flooring includes oak, bamboo, hardwood floors, laminate, etc. However, you can also install vinyl flooring without breaking the bank. Vinyl flooring comes in various textures, colors, and sizes. You can get the same look like a wooden floor, without it costing you a lot.


The ceiling in a mobile home is short in height, which poses several constraints. Small details can enhance your living experience in a mobile home. Since a mobile home has many restrictions, you can do a lot by adding decorations and customizing it according to your taste. In addition to this, avoid furniture with tall heights as this can make the room crowded. Before you purchase furniture or any decorative item, make sure to measure the space for a better fitting.


A kitchen is one of the most important areas in the house. If you want to upscale your kitchen, there are many ways you can do that. Instead of the usual brown color of the cabinets, you can paint them a different color. The kitchen space can feel a bit cramped. To avoid this and add your own touch to the kitchen, remove the cabinet doors altogether.


To give a modern touch to your bathroom, you can remove the cabinet and vanity. Instead, attach a hanging cabinet to save space and make room for more. Adding small succulent plants can also enhance the space. To give the bathroom a custom touch, you can also remove the medicine cabinet and install a wooden cabinet. You can also add decorative items in the window of the bathroom to give it a fresh look.


Architecturally speaking, all mobile homes are not the same. There are different designs of mobile homes. However, all have constraints when it comes to decorating them. It does not mean that you cannot decorate a mobile home. Instead, you have to get creative and innovative with your designs.

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