7 Tiny bedrooms you will fall in love with this month

Tiny bedrooms are adorable and your perfect getaway in a small apartment, during the cold season. So, check out seven gorgeous ideas and solutions that will make your tiny bedroom super dreamy:

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1. Class and elegance

Bring class in any space, even in a tiny one. Pick a bed that fits perfectly and add hidden drawers and cabinets all around the room for storage. Paint the room in elegant colors and add tiny pieces of furniture that show class and are made of velvet, like a gorgeous velvet ottoman.

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2. Cozy vibe

Give a warm and cozy vibe to your gorgeous tiny bedroom. Use furry rugs and covers, add a wooden bench near the bed and decorate this dreamy room with deco elements that define and inspire you.

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3. Elegant day

Even if you have a tiny bedroom you can make it truly elegant. Choose mid century inspired elements, a statement painting or abstract art and enjoy a classy day at home.

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4. Sophisticated look

Make your small bedroom sophisticated and ready to fit everything, even an elegant desk space. As for the bed, choose a lot of gorgeous and cozy layers in neutrals and add a tiny side table next tot the bed with dreamy deco elements, flowers and candles.

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5. Scandi moments

If you leave in a tiny one bed apartment  make it Scandi and cool. Make a pattern mix that will divide better every corner of the room, making the room seem bigger. Also, mix dreamy Nordic furniture with green plants and dreamy deco elements.


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6. Fancy life

Make your tiny bedroom fancy and cozy looking! Get inspired by the luxury mountain cabins and style your small bedroom with rugs, faux animal skins and furry covers. Also, choose a dark color palette that will bring mystery and the perfect scenario that will make you want to sleep more during the cold season.

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7. Blue and green look

Make a tiny bedroom stand out by choosing elegant and mysterious colors for the walls. If you choose blue, pick green for this cool color mix and add green plants and also statement art around this dreamy small room.

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