Creating an Instagram-Friendly Kitchen: 6 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen Space

Kitchens aren’t just for cooking. In fact, the kitchen is the new heart of the home; a place for eating, experimenting with new recipes, socialising, bonding, working, playing, relaxing, and more. So if you’re Instagramming your day-to-day life, chances are you’re going to find yourself uploading more images of your kitchen than ever before. And so it’s time to make sure your space is gorgeously ‘gram worthy. 

 How? Well, you could go down the full kitchen remodelling route; a great (but time consuming) project that can completely transform your space and allows you to design an Instagram-friendly kitchen from scratch, exactly to your specifications. But let’s be honest, not everyone has the free time right now to devote to major change. The good news is that there are some smaller changes you can make that can give your kitchen space a quick refresh and a new lease of life without causing too much disruption. 

 Here are 6 of the simplest ways to refresh your kitchen and create a cool Instagramable space:

  1. Add New Drapery

The number one secret to any good ‘gram pic? Lighting. Lighting is everything when it comes to visual media, so drawing attention to your kitchen’s natural light sources is a good place to start. And this is especially important if your kitchen space is quite dark or on the smaller side. Obviously, your windows are the main focus here, so do what you can to attract attention to these parts of your photographs. Adding custom window treatments is probably the most effective option, as you can select drapes that not only work with your existing kitchen space but which also align perfectly with your Instagram personality.  

  1. Embrace the Shine

Along with drapery, another way to draw the eye to the places you really want your followers focused on is to add a few light-reflecting metallic accents throughout your space; nothing too OTT but more of an understated shimmer than helps you create the ideal lighting. Brass and copper are perfect options, and can be used for a huge range of purposes including drawer handles, faucets, overhead lighting, and countertop decor. This eye catching shine – something a little more exciting than a plain, flat color – helps your kitchen to appear fresh and alive in photographs, and may help you snap up a few extra followers.  

  1. Upgrade Your Countertops

Although granite countertops are by far the most popular choice, quartz is arguably much more ‘grammable. Why? Quartz countertops are some of the most durable, hardwearing, and long lasting options on the market today (not to mention relatively affordable), which makes them pretty much maintenance-free. Sure, you’ll still have to give them a quick wipe down before they’re on camera, but you shouldn’t have to worry much about obvious scratches, chips, or dents in the material. This can save you a lot of time in the editing stages, with no need to photoshop out any imperfections in your surfaces.  

  1. Remove Your Doors


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Instagram is a platform for showing off, so don’t be tempted to keep your kitchen’s best assets hidden behind closed doors. If you’re looking for a completely free way to refresh your space, simply removing the doors from your cupboards and cabinets is a great starting point (you could also swap existing cupboards for new open shelving units if you do have the budget to invest). You’ll need to get creative with the positioning of your things, putting your most prized gadgets, big name brands, and quality silverware in pride of place… and don’t forget to find the happy medium between style and clutter!

  1. A Fresh Lick of Paint

Never underestimate the power of a fresh lick of paint. Even if you *think* that your paint is in good condition, remember that the grease, steam, and moisture in kitchen spaces can make paint jobs look old and dull before their time. You’ll be surprised at just how much some new paint can liven up your kitchen and give it a wonderfully ‘grammable shine. You can freshen things up with a new coat of the same color, or take the opportunity to do something a little different and give your space a bold pop. Eye catching and vibrant feature walls aren’t just for living spaces… they can work brilliantly in kitchens, too. 

  1. Plenty of Plants


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Green fingered or not… There’s no denying that Instagram loves nature. A healthy, thriving herb garden – either on your windowsill or mounted to a sunny (but not too sunny) wall is a way to add new life to your kitchen space, and promote nature and wellness through your posts. The wellness factor plays a massive role in the Instagram scene, and it’s a bandwagon worth jumping on. Natural materials are epically ‘gram worthy. Choose simple everyday herbs that are easy to grow, and don’t require too much attention. Great options are cilantro, basil, chives, thyme, rosemary, and parsley. And they go great in many dishes! 

Show Off Your Stuff 

Instagram envy is real.  And it’s definitely alive and kicking. If you’ve been browsing for cool design and decorating ideas and felt the green-eyed monster emerging when you see jaw-droppingly stunning kitchens that seem almost too good to be true, rest assured you’re not alone. But the truth is that even the most impressive looks aren’t out of reach… you just need to get more confident being creative. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend months renovating a kitchen, or a hefty sum. While these 6 changes may be simple and basic, they’re also incredibly powerful and can have a huge impact on the overall look, aesthetic, and feel of your space. Creating a celebrity-style Instagram-friendly kitchen – in any sized space – isn’t beyond the realms of reality, especially when you’re armed with fantastic tips to help you show off your stuff in the best light. It’s time to really make your followers say ‘wow’. 

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