Kitchen Remodeling This Is How You Avoid Burning Yourself

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there’s definitely a lot that you can do to have that magical kitchen that you’ve always wanted. But then there are also things that can go wrong. Not only that, you can also end up accidentally burn yourself if you don’t know what to look out for.

These are some tips on how you can avoid burning yourself with a kitchen remodeling project:

  1. Never Trash Your Existing Cabinets

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, chances are, you already have a kitchen that is in working order. Which means you also have cabinets in your kitchen right now (duh!). And if those cabinets are in good shape, then you can save a lot of money on them.

Remember, the most expensive thing when remodeling are the cabinet frames. You’ll be spending thousands of dollars on that. And if you can avoid spending that by just giving your current cabinets a facelift by spray painting them, then you can invest that money somewhere else.

And don’t get any ideas about spray painting them yourself. Let the professionals do that because your kitchen is the center of attention in the whole house. You want to make sure that it is looking as pristine as possible.

We have seen even ugly cabinets start to look great after a spray paint done by a professional. So save yourself the headache and get it done by someone else.

  1. Never Overspend

This is a hard rule that everyone should follow. When you are planning out your kitchen remodel you should decide how much you are going to spend. If it’s between $2000 to $5000 then it’s a low to medium kind of budget.

And it can very easily balloon up to $15000 in no time. So make sure you are aware of the neighborhood you live in and what kind of kitchens your neighbors have as well. Keep that in mind before trying to spend thousands of dollars on a new kitchen.

If you’re planning on installing luxury appliances and countertops but none of the houses in your neighborhood have those, it might become a barrier when you try to sell the house. And worse thing is, if you end up spending a lot of money, you might not even get an ROI on how much time and money you put into it.

  1. Don’t Change the Plumbing

You want to overhaul your entire kitchen and have something completely new. We get it. But we also want you to save as much money as you can while also getting the type of kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Moving your gas and water lines to a new place to accommodate for stoves, sinks and dishwashers is extremely expensive. Not just that, it also takes a lot of time to do it. And if you have an old house, your contractor might just recommend that you change the whole pipe itself while you’re at it.

That’s another cost you have to consider.

Our recommendation, leave those things where they are and get a new sink or stove and put in in the old place. Everything around that can be changed without spending too much money on it.

  1. Get All the Free Advice You Can Get

When you’re in the market for a kitchen remodeling, there are a lot of services that you can take advantage of to better plan out your kitchen. You can even visit some big home improvement centers and get 3d computer designs of the kitchen you’re planning for free.

These big companies like aurora kitchen remodeling are at the cutting edge of the industry and even offer one-on-one in-home consulting if you like. Heck, once they are in the house and are checking out your kitchen, you can ask them as many questions as you want and they’ll answer you.

So take advantage of that so you can spot the red flags in your own planning and improve them before you go too deep into the project.

Because once your contractors have started working on your kitchen, changing the overall plan after that is going to be very expensive.

  1. Try to Get Matching Appliances

Manufacturers have recently started producing new dishwashers, cooking ranges, fridges, etc. that have matching designs. They are supposed to be purchased together so the overall design of your kitchen looks coherent.

The good thing about this is these appliances are starting to get cheaper for the same design.

So it doesn’t really makes sense to go after an expensive designer type appliance that doesn’t match with the overall theme of your kitchen instead of going with a more budget friendly option that works just as well and also matches with the design. Or at least they all have similar designs so it will look like you planned everything to the very detail, which you absolutely did.

  1. Don’t Pull Back On Accessories

This is one place where we do recommend that you get the best ones that fit within your budget. Accessories like door knobs (if your kitchen has a door), cabinet handles, knives, etc. these are the accessories that give your kitchen that extra oompf that you’re looking for.

You also want to make sure that these things compliment the overall design of your kitchen. You don’t want to just get anything that you think looks good.


We hope these tips helped you. Keep in mind, whenever you are remodeling your kitchen, it is all about how you would like things to be. But you also want to make sure that you are not burning yourself by making bad decisions or not sticking to the budget that you decided at the start of the project.

These tips will not only help you avoid those things, they will also help you get a better kitchen while also saving you some money.

Photo by Terry Magallanes from Pexels

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