5 Art deco bathrooms for a glam fall

This season think stylish and choose one of one of the most popular bathroom styles you can pick right now – the art deco style. Fabulous and elegant, this style is a showstopper for any home and even for a bathroom space. So check out 5 Art deco bathrooms for a glam fall:

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1. Industrial vibe

The industrial style can easily math the art deco look for a dreamy setup that will take you back in time in a very elegant era. Touches of copper, pipes and different vintage inspired elements make this space special and original and, also, just perfect for guests.

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2. As minimal as it gets

The art deco style can also look minimal when you focus on a few statement pieces that really make this space the superstar of your home. That’s why an elegant lamp and an oversized round mirror and an elegant navy or green cabinet with golden accents will suffice!

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3. The Chic Old Glamour

This tropical bathroom reminds me of a chic hotel from the vintage Beverly Hills and looks like something that you will find on a chic terrace in the Old Hollywood era. So, get inspired by the glam history and choose a round or oval golden mirror an match it with pastels for your walls and bathroom cabinets.

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4. The tiny art deco bathroom

Even a tiny bathroom can be glam, beautiful and full of personality. So, decorate your small bathroom with art deco elements – like and oval mirror that can fit this space, glam lamps and a chic round sink added on a colorful and pastel themed color palette. Just dreamy!


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5. Art deco and nature inspired bathroom

This trendy bathroom combines two of the most popular styles that are trending right now – the glam/art deco one and the nature inspiration. So, mix and match woven and wooden elements with pastels like pink, golden details and glam looking bath products.

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