5 Chic Deco ideas to do just in time for Halloween

Planning to prepare for a Halloween home party or just wanting to make your home fun and spooky just in time for Halloween? Then, you will love our dreamy selection of 5 Chic Deco ideas to do just in time for Halloween:

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1. The spooky bookcase

Styling your bookcase is one of the trendiest things to do these days so why not style it for Halloween? It will look pretty chic with pumpkins, scary crows, spiders, skeleton hands and anything spooky you have in mind for this fun and creative holiday that’s soon to come. Mix and match these elements with books, deco elements and picture frames and you will have a creative bookcase, full of personality.

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2. The Halloween fireplace

A fireplace or a cabinet are great spaces for Halloween storage and creativity. So, you can have fun by mixing and matching different Halloween themed items with candles and also adding strings around your cabinet or fireplace. Last but not least fill in your fireplace with pumpkins and paint some of them in black.

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3. The spooky Halloween drink corner

I love this fun corner, it’s great for socializing and also a good conversation starter. Begin with a glam round mirror that’s now trending and fill it with spiderwebs and bat or spiders black figurines. Also, make your drinks look spooky, learn how to serve them with smoke and invite your guests to taste and guess them.

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4. The Halloween bedroom

This idea is super cool, but also very easy to do. It’s great for your bedroom, living room and even hallway, it involves your favorite spooky stickers and some creativity to place them as you wish. Let the spooky holiday begin!

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5. The cool bar cart

Talking about having a Halloween party, a stylish bar cart should not miss from this fun equation. Mix your favorite drinks with cool skeleton heads, choose dramatic looking glasses, pick plants and black candles and also add themed Halloween elements all around this dreamy space.

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