8 Amazing Decoration Ideas For a Vintage Coastal Bedroom. 

When it comes to bedroom decorations, coastal style is one of the fastest growing styles. Everyone loves it! Or tell me- why won’t you be attracted to a decoration that reminds you of the fun time you had at the beach last summer?

Although there is a plethora of coastal styles, they do have their similarities. Love of the ocean hues and sun-bleached white, incorporation of natural fabrics and materials as well as the welcoming of natural light are the few commonalities between these styles.

In as much as everyone wants a coastal bedroom, I am sure you want something both exquisite and unique. Not to worry, we’ve got your back. Read on and discover how to change you home into a blissful Oceanside oasis.

Here are some Bedroom-transforming Ideas

Let’s begin with the walls

How lovely would it be if you had a white wall in your bedroom? If you are not a fan of white, try out aqua or cream; they are perfect in creating a coastal wall. To increase the coastal look, you could add a mural that depicts a typical beach scene. Ensure it has a fun and tasteful vibe rather than a tacky one by keeping the rest of the room white and minimal (hope you love white!)

 Beach bedroom vibes

A typical coastal bedroom should feature a bed that showcases the color of something natural and beachy- perhaps the ocean. Watery blue, Soft turquoise, greenish-blue, sea blue- all blended with plenty of white and sandy tan. That would do well to create a beachy expression.

Being more realistic, in order to create the serene environment of a beach, purchase a bed with an excellent motion isolation feature, such as the Casper original. Check out Sleepdelivered’s in-depth review of Casper original (not essential)

 Sea life motifs

Sea motifs could be a rare way of decorating coastal bedroom, but, that’s what brings the fun. Ranging from just a few shells on a shelf to an all-in-all sea motif full room. Fish wallpapers, sculptures, starfish shaped throw pillows…the list goes on.

 Gallery wall in your bedroom  

It is not a crime to be into contemporary and art decorations as well as coastal ones. In fact, it makes coastal decorations more fun. Get that powerful punch into your room by creating an art gallery of sea animals. If you are a science freak, you could go on to list their botanical names and other specifications (why not!)

Fishing nets

Although displaying fishing nets over your bed would be an odd way to say you have a thing for fishing, it would be a great way to make your room more costal-inclined. Perhaps, want to add an inexpensive vibe to your child’s room; hang up some net and add a couple

Vacation sand memory bottles

Bringing the beach into room is much more relatable if you have visited a beach. Take along a bottle to every beach you go, storing in each per beach. Place it on a shelf where you can see it every night. 

Beach artwork

If you are up for a timeless, coastal decoration, go for an artwork! A couple of eye-catching crab artworks would capture anyone’s attention and translate it to the beach.

Driftwood display

For anyone who has been to the beach, chances are you have seen a driftwood. Driftwood are forms of marine debris washed to the shore of a beach. Instead of leaving it out there to rot, bring it in as a decoration. What would be more lovely than decorating your nightstand with a bouquet of driftwood? 

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