7 easy ideas on how to incorporate Pantone blue into your home

2020 is just around the corner and Pantone has already announced that the color of the year is Classic Blue. Described as “a timeless and enduring blue hue”, Classic Blue reveals our desire for stability and strong roots, as we emerge into a new decade. Among other properties, Classic blue is especially known for being a restful color and bringing a sense of peacefulness.

So, if you want to bring this sense of calm into your home, here are 7 easy ideas on how to incorporate Pantone blue into your home:


  1. A Classic blue coffee table

In a minimal living room, the statement piece can be the Classical blue textured coffee table. A few vases in a matching color will be the perfect addition to bring balance when it comes to the decor.


2. Relaxing corner

Bring the “sky at dusk” nuance intro your room with subtle decorations as pillows. To create a visual equilibrium, use the same nuance in the paintings on the wall!


3. Create a focal point 

The human eye chooses one thing that will concentrate its attention on and in this case it’s definitely the Classic Blue console. Also, you can’t go wrong with matching shades vases and symmetrical placed lamps and paintings.


4. Choose a blue rug to stand out

If you don’t wanna change anything about your furniture, a blue rug is the perfect option. Moreover, it can easily do a major makeover to your room by bringing a calmer vibe.


5. Blue splash

On a budget? A Classic blue watercolor wallpaper is the perfect solution if you want to incorporate the color of the year in your decor. Also, it doesn’t take a lot of time to set-up- so it’s a win-win!


6. Bright ideas

If you’re not a big fan of major changes, this is for you! You can simply add a blue floor lamp and it will bring a pop of color into the room – simple, yet effective.


7. Don’t hide behind the curtains

If you’re in for a bolder move in regards to integrating the Pantone blue into your home, the curtains can make a huge difference. Complete it with a few accents and you’re all set!


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