7 tips to give your garden a coastal & nautical look

 Everyone who has a garden knows that it can be a perfect place to have a rest and feel the sense of chill and escape without even leaving the neighbourhood. However, sometimes it’s not enough to plant some trees and buy a sunbed to fully enjoy the atmosphere and feel the tranquillity of being close to nature. If you are a fan of fancy garden parties or you simply love spending time there with the family or friends, you would probably like to customize your garden a little. One of the perfect choices as far the style is concerned, seems to be the coastal style.  It is both simple and elegant, and it can be combined with some nautical patterns to enhance the final effect. Bellow you will find seven tips on how to boost the look of your garden by arranging it coastal and nautical style.

  1. Arrange the space

No garden is the same and the space is planned differently, so in order to re-arrange your outside space, you need to think about the space carefully. If you have a lot of trees or flowers, for example, there might not be much space for a garden table or sunbeds. A garden is the most functional when it can be divided into sections, so that you can have both a relaxing area and a dining table to share meals at. Then, you can buy some coastal-style sunbeds in natural colours that will match a wicker table and a set of chairs. If you don’t fancy redecorating your garden, you can think of buying a summerhouse with an already arranged one. You can find some properties for sale at The Pattisall Group – Real Estate Agency in Hilton Head.

  1. Add some plants

Although you probably already have some plants in your garden, it’s good to add some coastal-like ones. You can choose, for example, the Japanese silver grass (also called Miscanthus sinensis), which creates a beach-like atmosphere. You can mix it with agaves, which are also typical for this kind of climate. Echeverias, the most popular kind of succulents, will be a perfect addition, as they bring associations with hot Mexican climate. Check here a guide on how often to water succulents.

  1. Create a pond or a fountain

Coastal or nautical style cannot exist without water. That’s why you should think of creating a small pond of a fountain in your garden. The sound of water is extremely calm and evokes some seaside memories of a summer breeze. You can sit by it and relax on your favourite sunbed.

  1. Add decorative elements

Customization is a key element of every stylish garden. The same goes for the coastal and nautical style. Wicker sunbeds, a vintage hammock covered with fancy cushions, a rustical shed – all these elements create the atmosphere in the garden. Think of combining and customizing them in such a way that they form a unique, coastal-like set. You can get inspired by the sample decorations presented here.

  1. Choose matching colours

What are the colours of summer? Of course, blue, red, white, beige, grey and green – they remind of the sky, the sun, the sand and the plants on the coast. Choose a set of three or four colours and make them a base for your garden decoration. You can also add the striped blue and white elements to boost the nautical aspect in the garden. Just mix the shades freely, simply make sure to stay within the natural palette. If you don’t ‘feel’ these colours, you might take a look at some ready-made colour sets, for example here.

  1. Bring some sand!

It may sound unusual, but bringing some sand to your garden can also be a good idea to make it more coastal-like. You may create an artificial ‘beach’ area near the pond or fountain and customize it with different stones, shells or wooden elements. If you have children, it may also serve as a sandpit and add the beach-like impression to your garden.

  1. Make a coastal-style garden party

It’s no secret that people are the factor which creates the atmosphere the best. So, once you transform your garden into a perfect coastal and nautical place, it’s time to invite some guests and prepare a real garden (or beach?) party. Plan to serve some seafood, fish and light wine, invest in cozy lighting and prepare theme music playlist. Ask your guests to bring some theme decorations. All these things will help to organize a perfect party – almost like one on the beach on a lazy summer day.

A garden doesn’t have to be a boring place where there’s only place for some flowers, sunbeds and trees. If you make a little effort, you can enjoy an original, elegant but simple garden that will be a place for a lot of parties, meetings or just rest.

Photo by Gotta Be Worth It from Pexels

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