6 Rules in choosing correctly the color of a dreamy room

Color is very important in a space, it gives it life and personality and it really helps neutrals stand out with a dreamy contrast. There are a lot of ways in adding colors in your home and you should, at least a little bit, so here are 6 rules in choosing correctly the color of a dreamy room:

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1. Think about 2 main colors

If you really want a colorful space think about two main color or 3, at max, having one that is softer – like having blue, pink and grey. They should complement each other, be warm or cold, present a new or retro style, the cold or the sunny season. Also, note that black, white, gold and silver don’t count as colors.

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2. Work around a certain style

If you have a certain style or you wish for a favorite style in your home choose you colors accordingly. A Parisian space can have pink and grey; a retro one will look amazing with olive and burgundy while a nature themed one will look gorgeous in blue, green and brown. Think a lot of the colors and shades that represent and really define the style you choose.

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3. If you like a calm look go with neutrals add subtle pops of colors

This idea is great for people who love a minimal or Scandinavian style, or just want a simple, calm and neutral space. These kind of spaces should also have a pop of color, but they can have it in different deco objects rather than a pieces of furniture. You can also go with a statement item like a chair, anything that has a bit of color in it. This way, everything will stand out and you will have different points of interest all around the room.

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4. Work around a star color

If you are obsessing with a color or you have a season’s favorite, pick it to be the star of your home. Choose it for your furniture and main deco elements and surround it with a neutral colors scheme. To make it shiny and glam surround it with glossy shades like gold or silver, these shiny accents don’t count as colors. But, don’t forget, don’t go with both, you either choose gold or silver.

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5. Think about a summer or winter color theme

Another easy idea for picking the colors in a room is going season by season. So think about colors for your pillow cushions, covers and small deco elements that you can change during the cold and warm season. Go with cool shades and cozy colors during the winter and nature and vacation themed colors and prints for summer.

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6. If you can’t decide go colorful and eclectic

If you really like colors and you can’t decide on just two or three, go eclectic! Of course this style is not a rainbow of colors. It focuses a lot on a mix of styles that go perfect together, they share the same colors so you need to have the same two colors or shades in most of the elements you choose for this colorful room.

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