Cancer Zodiac Sign – How to decorate your home according to the new trends

Creativity, romance and coziness are three words that describe best the wonderful Cancer. Let’s start with the beginning, you are a introspect sign, you think a lot and love to stay at home, that’s why a comfortable and cozy home is very important for you. It can’t be dull though, you are a very creative sign and your creativity will reflect everywhere! Also, you always feel the need of a secure place in your life and home so besides a comfortable home you love surrounding yourself with memories and family related deco elements.

You love entertaining guest so your kitchen or dining room will revolve around a dining table. That will also go perfect with your love for cooking new recipes. Also, you love vintage and retro elements, you believe in items that deserve a new chance and their new start can be in you home. But, don’t forget stay a little bit in the present, don’t have too many old items in your home. Last but not least, let’s not forget that you love feminine touches that mix with the retro and classy style you also enjoy.


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So, here are three new trends to follow in 2020 as a Cancer:

1. The new retro

Retro stays strong in the home decor world and a Cancer should embrace this trend in at least one room of its dreamy home. The new retro keeps the glam retro elements we’re all obsessing about right now and gives it relaxing nature touches with nature inspired elements and gorgeous green plants.

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2. Layering old and new

You love old elements, but you often tend to use too many of them and rather than a home you end up with a home decor thrift shop. This season is perfect for you because it has the perfect mix between old and new. So, think of new modern and shiny elements and mix them with your old ones, taking note of the style and their color scheme.

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3. Everything cozy!

Because this year is about making the most out of your home, make it cozy or at least find the perfect cozy corner in your home. Make your own dreamy and cozy nook and decorate it with comfy pillows and beautiful prints. Also, you will love it even more if you surround it with green plants.

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