5 white dreamy Christmas Table settings

Christmas is only a few days away and there are still a lot of preparations to be made; from buying presents and decorating the Christmas tree to cooking traditional dishes for the loved ones, everything is on the list. Christmas dinner is one of the most important parts of the holiday, because it’s one of the few occasions in the year when the entire family gets together to celebrate a special moment and enjoy each other’s presence.

So, if you want to surprise the loved ones at the Christmas dinner, here are 5 white dreamy Christmas table settings:


  1. A natural garland
    To create a stunning Christmas tablescape, an olive and eucalyptus garland would be the perfect statement piece. Elements like glass candle holders, champagne cups or vintage glass ornaments will add glam to the table setting.


2. Match it with the Christmas tree

While the foundation in this table setting is white, a bit of pastel pink makes everything look like a fairy tale. Mixing faux garlands together adds a nice volume and adding mini trees in matching shades with the Christmas tree brings balance to the setting. Magical!


3. French country farmhouse table setting

For this French country farmhouse table setting, the base is a DIY macrame table runner. Decorated with faux garland and lights, it creates a wow effect. And the best part is that it’s really easy to do!


4. Golden elements

White and gold is a combination that will never go our of style when it comes to decorating for Christmas. The faux white fur is the base of the setting here and it is completed with white and gold tablecloth, plates, candle holders and ornaments matching with the Christmas tree.


5. Blue and silver touch

Since Classic blue is the color of the next year, why not bring it intro your Christmas table setting already? This time, the base is the blue tablecloth matching with the blue napkins and Nutcrakers. White and silver touches can be found in the plates and candle holders and combined with a mix of two faux garlands will create a dreamy tablescape for this Christmas!


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