4 Household Renovation Projects to Tackle Before Mid-December

There is nothing worse than putting off household projects so long that something ends up breaking and costs a ton of money to fix or replace.

This is the case when it comes to home renovation tasks and the upcoming frigid months. While it can be hard to feel motivated to get off the comfy couch and skip a weekend of football watching to take care of projects that are not exactly urgent right now, you will thank yourself later on.

The following list of household renovation projects should be finished as soon as possible this fall — well before winter and its nasty weather arrives.

Re-Stain the Deck and Fence

If your deck and fence are on the shabby side, now is the perfect time to spruce them up. As Angie’s List notes, this will not only help them to look a lot better, it will also protect the exterior wood from the elements this winter, which can prevent the wood from cracking and splintering in the rain and snow. If you are a devout DIY-er, you can do this job yourself; while you are at it, check the deck and fence for any missing boards, weak areas and other issues that might collapse under the weight of snow. This way, the exterior of your home will look great throughout the cold season, and you won’t have to trudge out in a blizzard to assess a deck that has partially broken off.

Fix Cracked Concrete and Walkways

Nothing will make your curb appeal look bad faster than a cracked sidewalk filled with weeds or broken pavers. These are also issues that bad weather will only make worse — rain will get into the cracks and cause them to expand, and under a blanket of snow, people might not notice the uneven surfaces and trip. Go outside and assess all of your walkways for any cracks, crevices and other dangerous issues, and fix them now while the weather is still nice. You can also shop for weatherproof pathway lighting that will illuminate the walkways during the night, even when there is snow on the ground or during a big rainstorm.

Upgrade Your Home Security System

Speaking of weatherproof, if your old home security camera system looks a bit worse for wear, now is the ideal time to invest in a new weatherproof system that can handle anything winter throws its way. For instance, the Nocturnal models from Lorex will continue to operate during heavy rainstorms and snowfalls and really cold temperatures. Looking ahead, they can also handle the super-hot temps of the dog days of summer. These security camera systems are also easy to install and can provide peace of mind during the upcoming holiday season when you might be expecting plenty of deliveries to your doorstep.

Winterize Your Air Conditioning System

The A/C unit that has kept you cool and comfy all summer and into early fall should be winterized before mid-December at the latest. As The Spruce notes, start by cleaning debris off the condensing unit — you can use your regular garden hose with the spray setting on high. Let the unit dry and then protect it with a waterproof cover. Although the units are technically built to be left uncovered, leaves and dirt can collect inside the system during the winter. Plus, there is something very appealing about having a smart-looking attractive canvas cover over your A/C system.

These tasks may never seem more appealing than a relaxing weekend of football and sipping spiced cider, but you will really thank yourself this winter when your fence, deck, security camera system and more sail through the harsh weather unscathed and looking great.

Cover photo by Huy Phan 

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