7 Cozy bedrooms for the perfect cold season

Wanna hide in your bedroom until the warm season comes? Well, at least you can have that illusion if you choose a cozy bedroom filled with dreamy and calm elements. To help you out in making the perfect interior, here are seven cozy bedrooms for the perfect cold season:

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1. Black magic

A dark bedroom is more mysterious than a white one and can instantly get a cozy and intimate vibe. So, paint your wall in a dark color and choose dark furniture for this space. Also, decorate your bed with lights and surround the whole room with your favorite magic lights.

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2. Ethno details

The ethno print matches perfectly the cold season color scheme. So, for your cozy bedroom, choose an ethno theme and add pillows with frills, a lot of neutral covers, magic lights and a lot of relaxing nature inspired deco elements.

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3. Splendid deco

Imagine a neutral bed covered in a lot of pillows and knitted covers all in a soft color scheme. Well, make this space even dreamier with a floating shelf filled with candles, framed pictures and stylish deco elements and a lot of green plants that will make this cozy space winter themed.

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4. True paradise

Make a dreamy and stylish bedroom using pink, white and green as your main winter scheme. Pair white with pink for your pillows and furry covers and surround your bedroom with green plants.

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5. Nature love

Make a nature themed bedroom by surrounding your bed with plants in different sizes. Make this space cozy and magical with floating lights, candles and knitted covers and pillow cushions.

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6. Traditional vibe

Make a traditional and elegant bedroom more chic and winter themed by giving it a cozy vibe. Choose neutral furry pillow cushions and covers and a furry black and white rug with an ethno print and decorate your chairs with printed covers in an elegant color scheme.

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7. Retro feelings

Since the retro touch is trending this season is time to make your vintage inspired bedroom even cozier.  Choose a mix between brown and white furry covers and cover your chairs and bed with them. Also, choose a rug in a winter color scheme and enjoy this wonderful holiday season that’s soon to come.

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