8 Mint spaces that bring that chic vibe to your home this fall season

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1. Calm vibe

Get a calm and relaxing vibe in your bedroom space with mint cushions paired up with serene neutrals. Make this space more chic, relaxing and nature inspired with floating plants and enjoy a perfect day at home.

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2. The farmhouse inspired kitchen space

Make a farmhouse kitchen space more chic and unique with mint cabinets or a gorgeous mint kitchen island. Also, make this space more relaxing with raffia lamps and gorgeous golden deco accents.

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3. Ethno and geometric

For a stylish and dreamy space pair mint and pink and create a serene and artsy bedroom you will enjoy in the cold season. Also, make this space summer themed with Californian chic elements and dream of warm days.

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4. Boho love

Make a mint boho nook where you can read, make plans, create ideas or just dream. Surround it with floating shelves for books and add gorgeous boho elements all around this calm and artsy nook.

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5. Glam moments

For a glam living room or bedroom choose mint velvet for you bed frame, armchairs or sofa. Pair it with copper or golden elements and create a relaxing and modern space.

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6. Mint and pink

Mix mint and pink for a dreamy living room that looks like one from a magazine. Decorate it with round mirrors, a fabulous chandelier and neutrals that will make these two relaxing colors really stand out in the space.

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7. Relaxing moments

Mint tiles can create a calm and Spa looking bathroom space. So, choose to decorate your bathroom with tiles in this trendy colors and match them with nature inspired elements like a wooden ladder or a raffia basket.

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8. Glam vibes

Create a glam kitchen using mint tiles paired with golden deco elements and mid century inspired deco lamps. You will adore this stylish space for cooking or throwing home parties.

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