Silvia’s dreamy home – Part II

In a past article I told you the story of my living room, my favorite part of my new home. Now it’s time to show you the rest and my home and the styles I picked for every room. Yes, styles! All us deco lovers and a lot of us tend to pick different styles for each room of their home, it’s ok and it also it helps you focus more on a main style of a room.


The bedroom

The home I rented was an empty apartment that came with a bed, so I had to pick a style that went with the bed, my old furniture (I had some part on my bedroom in my old homes) and my favorite fashionable prints. So, I picked an industrial style. And it all started with my ex desk drawers that are now my current nightstand that’s looks very industrial. Then, I went for the black and white color combo and also silver & golden details and placed different industrial and fashionable elements all around the room. Try to spot them!



The bistro inspired kitchen

I have a small kitchen that’s not finished yet. And since I have a big dining area I wanted my kitchen to be like a small bistro or a small bar spot where I can serve coffee or drink a glass of wine with my guests. So, I picked a French bistro themed and I also added wine elements around this tiny place. I picked French inspired prints and also picked red and black as the main color accents.

The Scandinavian balcony

The idea of the balcony started from a Jysk deco arrangement. I absolutely loved this chairs and this mint pillows on them and had to have them! Then, I went a little colorful and tropical with deco elements I found at Pepco. Since the balcony is next to the living room I wanted that tropical vibe to continue in the balcony. Also, I’m not a fan of rugs, but this spot has to had an ethno carpet I found at Jysk.


Hope you liked it!

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