5 Kitchen cabinets you should pick for this summer

Summer in your kitchen is like planning fabulous lemonade parties and trying on new recipes of ice cream, ice cocktails and delicious salads. Nevertheless, kitchen cabinets are quite an important and stylish part of your kitchen and you’re even luckier if you find a cabinets discount for this lovely season. If you can’t find a discount then try out assemble yourself kitchen cabinets because they will allow you to pay less for the cabinets under the caveat you need to assemble them yourself. To help you out find the dreamiest cabinets we gathered five styles you will definitely love this summer:

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1. Eclectic & Artsy summer

This summer get more artsy even when it comes to your kitchen. Pick beautiful grey cabinets and pair then up with Seventies inspired colors like orange or red. Then, get eclectic and mix elegant elements with industrial details, pop art and artsy deco items. Don’t forget a touch of the gorgeous boho style by choosing an ethnic rug that will make your kitchen cabinets really stand out in the room!

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2. Get darker

What is the most beautiful think about a dark cabinet? Well, it looks really modern and elegant. So, choose it this summer and pair it with bright elements and accents to give more light to the space. Imagine a fancy summer gathering with cocktails and lemonade surrounded by minimal and gorgeous dark cabinets. Sounds like a party!

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3. A traditional vibe

The new design elements have a traditional twist to them so this summer choose traditional inspired kitchen cabinets that will remind you of your childhood home. But, choose modern colors for them like a classy green and pair them with fabulous golden handles. Add your favorite summer flowers and fruits around them to create a dreamy summer scenario.

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4. The luxurious retro style

The retro style is back and is still as fabulous as always. So, choose retro inspired cabinets thinking about the seventies. Also, choose retro lines and colors and pair these lovely cabinets with golden deco elements for a luxurious vibe. Also, getting inspired by the bohemian seventies you can surround this space with a lot of green plants.

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5. Go neutral

Neutral colors are a summer’s favorite, especially for a farmhouse inspired kitchen that screams summer. Also, is great for a vacation home kitchen. So, choose neutrals cabinets made from a light colored wood and pair them with green plants, flowers and a lot of ethno inspired deco elements. So chic!

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