Top 10 – The most Spa looking like bathroom that will make your summer more relaxing


This summer the bathroom will be the ultimate escape space so think of it as your own home Spa or a gorgeous room you will enjoy this season. Here are the top 10 bathrooms that will bring a relaxing vibe in your lovely home this summer:

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1. Moroccan influences

The Moroccan style is perfect for a relaxing bathroom space. So add a colorful and Moroccan inspired rug in a neutral bathroom and also add wooden elements and oversized plants around the space.

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2. SPA vibe

The Spa bathroom is the perfect solution if you work a lot and have a busy life. So, choose a bathtub for your bathroom space and decorate it with a cute wooden tray. Also, make the space more relaxing by adding a lot of oversized green plants around the room and also scented candles.

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3. Glam look

Since the art deco style is so popular this year, make your bathroom more glam than ever. Think of the Old Hollywood influences and mix olive green with golden elements. Also, add a fabulous chandelier in this stylish space.

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4. Vintage day

Choose a vintage inspired cabinet for your summer bathroom and make it super stylish with a statement round mirror. This space will look fabulous and you will love a pampering day in this chic home corner.

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5. Scandi elements

This summer choose Scandinavian elements in a dark bathroom. They will look super cool especially is your surround your chic bathtub with summer flowers and a lot of green plants.

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6. Think blue!

Go French chic with a blue cabinet and black and white tiles for your gorgeous bathroom space. Make it more exotic by adding tiny cactuses around the room. Super cute, right?

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7. Scandi vs. industrial

This summer go industrial and choose black steel for your industrial inspired shower. Pair this style with Scandinavian deco elements and choose green plants, a wooden ladder and an ethno rugs for this dreamy space.

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8. All white

An all white bathroom will become more stylish with a colorful ethno rug and oversized green plants. The space will look bright and relaxing and will make you fresh and motivated to begin a new day!

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9. Modern moments

Mix Scandinavian elements with glam details and creative a perfect green vs. golden deco mix. Add also a fabulous bathtub for this space and enjoy your own luxurious home Spa.

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10. Retro glam

The most stylish bathroom of this season is the retro glam one. So choose golden handles, a statement goldenen mirror and a golden tap for your bathroom sink. Also, don’t forget to style this dreamy space with your favorite summer flowers.

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