Your business, your brand: decor tips for creating an eye-catching office space

It would be easy to imagine that you don’t actually need your organisation’s offices to look all that amazing, given how much time your workers will undoubtedly be spending focusing squarely on their jobs. However, this is rather reductive thinking; even the most subtle touches in an interior affect our mood and productivity. Your office decor is therefore not a minor matter.

Here, then, are some great tips for making your office space eye-catching in all of the right ways.

Incorporate your brand colours and slogans

Does your brand have a mission statement that you fear some of your employees could sometimes be in danger of forgetting amid the day-to-day grind? In that case, you could always have an enlarged image of it painted, plastered or otherwise displayed in a common area of your office.

The colours that your brand uses may also play an integral role in how you decorate your space. After all, you probably chose those colours in the first place to communicate certain values that you consider to be central to your brand, and which you may wish your employees to be periodically reminded of.

Embrace local artistic talent

It may be customary to fill awkward gaps on office walls with pleasing artwork, but this doesn’t have to be the usual generic photo of the New York City skyline or London’s red buses.

Instead, why not check out local galleries or even your nearest university fine art degree show to discover which artists active nearby may produce work that would fit in perfectly with your office decor scheme? Such support for local talent could even be communicated in your organisation’s marketing.

Incorporate rugs in various parts of the office

The good old-fashioned rug may have a somewhat ‘homely’ reputation, but this is precisely why a few well-chosen ones can work so effectively in an office environment – for example, as a means of separating or marking out different areas of the office without creating physical barriers.

Even smaller offices can still use rugs, including as accent pieces under furniture to inject a quick and easy visual impact.

Display photos of team members

We’re not necessarily suggesting that you put up the kind of formal images of your staff around the office that may be better reserved for your website’s ‘About Us’ page. Indeed, it may be slightly less formal photographic memories – such as those of your staff in silly costumes for a dress-down day, or baking cakes for charity fundraising – that work best for this tip.

As your workers periodically glance at those photos, they will be reminded of the memories, how good they felt at the time and, as a consequence, how rewarding life has been for them at your company.

Provide a welcoming entranceway

Remember that it’s not just your workers who will be striding through your office’s entrance on a daily basis, as the same is likely to apply to prospective or current clients, who you will naturally wish to impress.

Such touches in this key part of your office as fun sofas and chairs, relevant news or magazine articles framed and hung on the wall, and maybe even coffee-making facilities for visitor use could greatly help to make the entrance to your premises more inviting.

Whether your company’s offices are flexible serviced offices in Bristol with zero upfront costs, as a firm like BE Offices can provide, or you are still practically operating from a home study, the above advice could go a long way to giving your brand brilliant results.

While we’re on the subject of making your brand’s office a better place, why not consult the HOW website for further guidance as to how you can make your office environment an empowering one?

photos by Flo Dahm & Huseyn Kamaladdin from Pexels 

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