7 Ingenious tips on how to style your living room this season


Enjoy this lovely spring in an ingenious way and use our easy to do tricks on how to style your living room. This easy and chic way of living will definitely simplify your life, so check out the tricks:

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1. Use cute boxes to hide tiny items or the ones that don’t look so attractive

We’re sure that you have a lot of things you tend to keep in your living room. So on a bookshelf make space for chic boxes where you can store documents, tiny items or electronic things, cables, anything that doesn’t look that appealing. Make sure you won’t end up by having clutter, think about how many boxes you need and don’t get extra ones after that, just make extra space in the old ones by always keeping order in them.

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2. Choose multi-functional furniture or make it multi-functional

Ottomans or coffee tables with hidden storage are great for keeping covers, blankets, magazines or anything you can think of. Also, use ottoman as sitting elements but also as small tables to serve coffee or beverages. Multi-function is a must these days for your dreamy homes.

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3. Use your windowsills for extra storage

If you have windowsills you are lucky because you have extra storage. They are actually great shelves for storing books or small deco items and they make a room look really dreamy when they are styled up and decorated.

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4. Pick floating shelves

Floating shelves will save you a lot of space and are the perfect space to store books and stylish elements that you can mix and match around them. So, think about how many shelves you need and replace your big furniture or bookshelf with this ingenious and chic idea.

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5. Choose pillows as extra sitting

If you need extra sitting in your living room add a lot of comfy pillow on your sofa and invite guest to sit on them. Choose cute spring prints or bold colors for them.

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6. Add artistic framed pictures instead of deco items

Artistic framed pictures in retro colors or pictures showing abstract or line art are the most popular right now. So, instead of having a lot of unnecessary deco elements, make a statement gallery wall next to your sofa or on an empty wall. It will definitely stand out!

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7. Add your prettiest items on your coffee table and make it the main attraction of the room

This great tip will make your living room more welcoming. Everyone will want to sit on the some or chair, around the pretty coffee table. Decorate it with a gorgeous vase with fresh flowers, a tray with tiny essential items, long candles or some tiny scented one and the perfect coffee table albums or magazines for your guest to browse through.

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