8 Minimal interiors with a touch of spring

Celebrate this season with themed spring minimal interiors that go in any kind of home. So, get inspired by our top picks and enjoy a great spring season:

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1. White and green

White, green and a touch of blue make the perfect spring combo for your chic bedroom. So pair a lot of green plants with neutral sheets, a blue cover and just enjoy some relaxing spring days.

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2. The relaxing dining space

Think of neutral colors when decorating your spring dining space and add beautiful green plants or leaves in this dreamy space. Also, hang abstract art and choose a comfy bench decorated with a lot of cute tiny pillows.

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3. The tiny bedroom

Even a tiny bedroom can be dreamy in the spring time if you mix neutrals with a touch of pink. Pair the tiny furniture with a statement oversized chandelier and mix the minimal pieces with cozy elements such as covers and add green plants around this chic space.

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4. Modern look

Mix a black and white and grey space with your favorite spring flowers and a lot of tiny green plants. Choose an artistic gallery wall and hang your favorite quotes and pictures that show emotions.

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5. Cozy days

Decorate minimal and modern chairs with furry covers and mix them with oversized tropical plants. Choose neutral furniture and add a small pop of color here and there that will bring the spring joy in this space, think of colorful fresh flowers, colorful books or framed pictures.

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6. Minimal details

Think pink when it comes to this season’s kitchen. This dreamy shade will bring a spring vibe into this lovely interior. Also, choose dark tiles that will make a great contrast with the soft pink and also add tiny marble jars, cute small wooden deco elements and neutral dishes added in chic open shelves.

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7. The game of white tiles

The minimal black and white bathroom is trending this season, especially if you choose one with white subway tiles. Also, think about nature when it comes to this minimal space and choose a lot of green plants in different sizes and nature inspired deco elements made from rattan or wood.

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8. Tropical corner

Make a small hallway corner that’s spring and tropical themed. Surround a wooden bench with oversized plants, chose pillows or covers with an exotic print and make a dreamy gallery wall with a vacation theme.


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