How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe first involves having a basic concept of what that actually means and building your closet from there. For instance, the basic concept of a trending capsule wardrobe is to save money and reduce clutter, so you’ll need to figure out exactly how many pieces of clothing you’ll want in your closet and start from there.

With this in mind, let’s say 25 articles of clothing is all you want to hang in your closet. Therefore, you’ll need to attempt to even out your wardrobe with pants, shirts, or dresses. This will largely depend on your personal style. Some people like a mix of all items while others prefer to stick to jeans and t-shirts.

In fact, if you research others who’ve shared advice on putting together a capsule closet, you’ll find it’s usually their own personal preference and style they work with. In this case, you should ask yourself, “What does my lifestyle consist of?” Is it a casual day even at work, or is that more a mix of casual and business? It will be up to you to decide.

The Decision of What Will Go Into Your New Capsule Wardrobe

After you’ve contemplated the question of personal style, consider your favorite colors. For example, if you have certain favorite colors for a certain season, this will give you a chance to make a capsule wardrobe for every season. You can store clothes up and put out more every time the season changes. Sounds fun, right?

At this point, you should have your style choices and favorite colors for the season picked out. Now you should make your shopping list, and out of the items you picked, put down how many of each you will need to buy and make sure they add up to the number you picked out for your closet. Then, go shopping for those pieces of clothing and the colors you like for the season you are in.

If you get confused while going through these steps, research the keywords “capsule wardrobe” and you will find places that offer suggestions to help you make your decisions. A short recap to building your compiled clothing picks would be as follows:

  • Establish the main purpose – reduce cost and clutter
  • Ask yourself how many pieces of clothing are enough for one month
  • Determine what your personal style is
  • Make your shopping list of items and colors that will suit your everyday needs
  • Go shopping

Finding Ways to Truly Save Money When Downsizing Your Wardrobe

Now that the steps on how to acquire a functioning capsule wardrobe have been discussed, let’s go back to the initial reason why this idea is trending right now; reducing the cost of how much we spend on clothes and getting rid of unwanted clutter in a limited closet space.

Earlier in this article II stated that coming up with pieces for your wardrobe would take knowing yourself and your personal style, well, this could also result in your paying less money for clothing.

For example, if you are the simplistic hippie type, the option of storing up your clothes each month for next season will, indeed, save you money. You could go this route for a couple of years before swapping your clothing items.

Of course, people whose lifestyles consist of corporate functions and office parties can’t realistically get away with the boho way of life. People who are living large in the fast paced world of business may need to shop every month for that new wardrobe. But don’t fret, there\s still a way to cut the cost of having to do so.

Given we all now live in a large global online society, the alternatives to the way we eat, work, and shop are endless. So if you’re still grinding away at a downtown office every day but still want to save money with how you dress, one suggestion would be to sell your clothes online.

You could join virtual yard sales, thrift stores, or even post right on your own social media page for local persons in and around your own community to buy your gently worn articles of clothing.

The Minimalist Trend

Due to the ever-changing economy, more people have come to the conclusion that less is more. Therefore, the attempt to minimize certain aspects of one’s life without compromising one’s lifestyle has become a priority.

So, do some research and stop making plans to upgrade because of some perceived need for more space. Your current residence leave can be your sanctuary again. You’ll be able to keep some money in your wallet while simultaneously cleaning out your closets and downsizing the clutter.

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