The Complete Step-by-Step Guide on the Best Available Gated Community Features You’ll Wish You Knew Already

A gated community is an excellent option for people who strive to live in a place full of security, privacy, and luxury. When buying a gated community property though, it’s important to consider all the pros and cons of it. There are tons of reasons why home-buyers select a gated community, including nonexistent traffic, stable and high property value, top security for kids, and a variety of social activities. Below is a complete step-by-step guide to living in a gated community.

What’s a gated community?

A gated community is any sort of neighborhood that is remarkable for having controlled access to it by using a gate – a larger community can have several – which residents and visitors should pass through in order to get to an apartment or a house. Gated communities range in size from a small community with several homes to a bigger one with a few dozen. Some gated communities feature a guard booth or an automatic gate with a remote control or a key card. The point is, no one but residents could open the gate and so don’t worry about thieves or kids running away from the yard.

The majority of gated communities have their unique names and geographic definitions, which are marked by the gates and barriers that control and provide access to the community. Despite popular beliefs that gated communities exist only in big cities, you can find some in small towns and even rural areas.

 What are the physical features of a gated community?

Today, gated communities are the latest housing development trend, which a lot of people choose to follow. Each resident of a gated community looks for certain values that could be high security, a sense of community, a calm lifestyle, or a remarkable prestige. One of the reasons why people want to live in gated communities is actually because of the physical features they have. There are a variety of physical features gated communities have to offer. Some of them include:

  • Enclosure functions;
  • Security barriers and features;
  • Resident types;
  • A diversity of top-notch facilities and amenities.

Policy context, location, size, and tenure play a significant role in choosing a gated community. Though, social features are as important as physical ones.

What are the social features of a gated community?

The social features of a gated community are generally defined according to the lifestyle and social interaction of its resident. It’s a crucial factor for the shaping of a gated community.  Therefore, the essence of a gated community is drastically defined by the way associations between communities and people are conserved and shaped.

That’s why the gap between the high level and low-level income seem to play a critical role in how the sense of the community formed. Luckily, gone are the days where only people with high income could afford to live in gated communities. Today, the social features are significantly improved and diversified.

Location is actually the first thing to consider

With thousands of amazing gated communities across the United States, finding the right one for you can be tricky. While the features of a gated community matter, location is actually the first thing you should consider first. As soon as you select the region you want to live in, it will be easier for you to choose a gated community.

In some cases, the location of a gated community plays a significant role in its price range. It’s one of the factors to bring to your attention. If you want to live in a friendly gated community with a strong community sense, a host of luxury amenities and affordable prices think about Florida. This is the place where it awesome to live where the crowd lives.

Retirees head to Florida annually, so it’s not surprising that this state is packed with various gated communities. Therefore, the price points are highly competitive and it’s possible to find a gated community with luxury amenities on a budget. The communities in Florida are always on the lookout for the ways to stand out by providing top quality amenities. The gated communities offer everything people need for an abundant life. You can surf the Internet for more information.

 Safety and peace of mind

Residents expect their gated communities to have the highest level of security possible, both electronic and human. Besides the 24-hour strong security as well as the surveillance staff who is in charge of the gates, a gated community usually has a variety of smart home devices, including automated security systems and alarms that keep security and safety high beyond the gates.

The safety measures vary from one gated community to another, so when choosing the right one for your family, ensure you find out more information about the security level of your chosen gated community. In most cases, community safety and security are equally maintained, as it’s a responsibility of each gated community. The strictly controlled gate of the community is closed day and night and only residents and invited guests can have full access to the community.

The security of your car is another great feature a gated community provides. There are a few parking spaces for vehicles of the community residents, albeit the number of vehicles you can have is restricted due to a possibly increased traffic. When you leave your car in the parking space of the gated community, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that it’s in a safe place, where others are denied access.

When it comes to neighborhood safety, it’s also an important factor to consider. Even if your chosen gated community offers the highest level of security possible, you can be still in danger if the neighborhood isn’t a safe place to live in.


What are the most common facilities and amenities of a gated community?


This is a hard question to answer as each gated community has its facilities and amenities. The more it has, the more expensive it can be. Besides an easily accessible maintenance team and an effective security system, a gated community boasts wide streets and roads, beautiful parks or gardens, parking spaces, sports facilities like a community pool and a tennis court, health clubs, gymnasium, various outdoor and indoor game areas, playgrounds, ponds, storm shelters, fitness centers, business centers, movie theaters, BBQ grills, dog parks, cabana areas with a fireplace, and others.

When choosing a gated community, it’s imperative that you find out about each facility and amenity it has and how new or old they are. Some gated communities have outdated or broken facilities and amenities, which is why talking to residents will help you to find out all the drawbacks your chosen community might have. On the other hand, new gated communities may lack a lot of facilities and amenities. If you need your gated community to have a particular list of facilities and amenities, find out whether a new one is planning on providing them in the future.

Minimalistic urban or grand luxury?

When you strive to live a minimalist life or become an urban dweller, make sure you choose a gated community that could satisfy your needs. If you crave grand luxury and high-tech everywhere, ensure you find a house in such a community. This factor might seem insignificant, at first. However, it can drastically affect your lifestyle down the road.

For instance, if you start living in a gated community that consists of high-income residents and luxury homes when you want to live a minimalistic and urban life – whether or not you have a high income – your life will probably be full of stress. And otherwise, when you’ve used to everything grand luxury, living in a minimalistic, urban-inspired gated community will more likely be bored.

Are there any drawbacks of living in a gated community?

It depends on which gated community you choose. If it offers a weak security level, it can be even more dangerous than a surrounding neighborhood. Anyone who can disable a gate or pretend to be a visitor can access your home. Since people living in gated communities are considered to be richer than people living in the surrounding neighborhoods, thieves can target homes located in a gated community with a weak security level.

Another drawback that only a few people experience is that growing up in a gated community can trigger a sort of social paranoia. You might start thinking that other neighborhoods are unsafe to live in or people are different than those living in your community.

Gated communities are definitely great places to enjoy life and raise your family. They have a lot of features that neighborhoods can’t offer and the level of security is much higher. The most important thing to do is to choose the right gated community that offers an excellent security level, a variety of facilities and amenities, and friendly people. Moreover, consider the location of your gated community, especially if you have particular needs.

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