7 Fantastic mirrors that will make your bathroom the star of your home

Mirrors are an essential item for your bathroom space and you should choose one that has a really special design. To help you out, we gathered seven fav mirrors and we will show you how to style them:

1. The dreamy retro inspired bathrooms

Pair a vintage inspired golden mirror with dreamy pink retro cabinets. Also, choose retro flowers and golden candles for this dreamy and vintage themed scenario.

2. Art deco elements

Make an all white bathroom with just some golden elements, like a statement art deco inspired mirror and some gorgeous cabinet handles. Choose also white flowers, retro inspired bathroom products and neutral towels.

3. Mid century moments

Pair a black mid century inspired mirror with mid century furniture or modern wooden cabinets. This combo will look fantastic, especially if you add green leaves in minimal vases.

4. The antique mirror

Blend the new and the old or the old with the old and choose an antique mirror for your bathroom space. This season antiques are making a huge comeback so go search for the perfect retro mirror and make it the start of a neutral bathroom.

5. Moroccan inspired mirrors

This dreamy mirror will make your bathroom looking like a Spa. Choose one or two and math them with relaxing elements that will emphasize the Spa vibe like baskets, plants and the perfect neutral towels.

6. Round, round we go

I absolutely adore a round mirror in the bathroom; especially a mid century inspired one. You can pair this mirror with retro inspired bottles and dreamy seasonal flowers.

7. Green and gold

A green mirror goes great in a golden and black bathroom, especially if the mirror has as a marble texture. This fabulous mix will make your bathroom looking like one from a chic hotel, so style it with fashionable towels and dreamy white flowers.

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  1. Beautiful bathrooms! they perfectly highlight the importance of mirror design to the overall aesthetic. So hard to choose just one as a favorite. We love them all!