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A picture is worth a thousand words and does wonder to your business. Now think if a picture can do so much for your business, then what video can do?

According to The Guardian study, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. It is clear that videos are the future of online marketing and it is high time to start taking advantage of videos today. Otherwise, you will be out of the competition.

Regardless of the business type, video marketing is a great way to take your online business to another level. To realize their full potential, you will have to do more than just making one video. If used wisely, video marketing is the most powerful marketing tool. According to a survey, 73% of homeowners say that they are more likely to contact a real estate agent or an interior designer who uses videos. Unfortunately, only 9% of agents out there make use of video marketing.

Video marketing is an excellent marketing strategy for interior designers and real estate agents as videos help you in highlighting the beauty and unique features of properties even more clearly. It is a perfect way that helps you in fostering engagement, authenticity, and storytelling. Videos spread authentic messages through an engaging medium and help you boost online traffic and business revenue.

Creating interior design videos is not a tough challenge all you need is an interesting theme and the right video making approach. For the effective design ideas and latest trends in the real estate industry, you can take help from businesses like Daily Dream Decor. Take amazing ideas from there, create alluring videos of your properties, and give the audience a real sense of the place.

How to Create Interior Design Slideshow: Renderforest

As you may know, videos are one of the best ways to grab the attention of your audience. Today, slideshows are the most trendy and popular visual used on the web. You possibly see sliders different times a day on several sites while surfing the internet. Let’s discuss what exactly a slideshow is.

Slideshows are charismatic content that displays a collection of pictures spiced up with design elements, texts, and music. Slideshows are also known as video slideshows. One sure thing that makes slideshows so trendy is the dynamics that keep your visitors active and engaged.

If you are looking for a convenient method to build fascinating interior design sideshow videos, Renderforest has got you covered. This tool delivers an assortment of customizable slideshow templates to help you find your desired one. With the help of these templates, you can add visual effects to your property images, enhance the attractiveness of your website, and engage your audience.

In this post, you are going to find how to build a stunning interior design slideshow video with Renderforest. Check out this step by step guide to create slideshow video:

Step 1: To start building an awesome slideshow video, you need to Sign Up to this tool first. If you already have an account, you need to Sign In.

Step 2:  Go to Video Templates section and choose “Slideshow” category. This category possesses thematic subcategories that can be chosen from the drop-down menu. You can click on “Real Estate Template.” Interior Gallery Design template can be a great choice.

Step 3: Now, go to “Create Now” button, click on it, and begin editing your Real Estate template. After clicking, you will be redirected to the editor.

Now, you’re at video editing page, there are several options to make your slideshow video engaging. Upload your property images and include the content that you want to be displayed to your visitors.

Step 4: Now give a title to your slideshow video by clicking on the “Add Title” tab. Also, make sure the title you’re adding is relevant to what you are displaying in your video.

Step 5: Click on “Add Music” tab. In this step, you can add some music to your slideshow video as per your choice. Renderforest provides you a wide catalog of tracks, you can select one depending on your theme. If you already have a music track, you can upload the same from your library.

In case, if you don’t want to add music, let your video be mute or you can include your voice over.

Step 6: After completing all steps of your Slideshow video creation process, go to Preview. Click on the tab to view how your video looks.

Once you click on Preview, your slideshow video will take 1-2 minutes to render. Watch it. In case if you want any changes, you can reach the video anytime. Simply go to “My Videos” page in your account. Select the desired video from the drop-down list of My Videos for any editing.

Step 7: After following the process, you will have your slideshow video. Here is an example of real estate slideshow video. Now your real estate slideshow video is ready, you can export it.

There are two options to export your creation.

  • Free Exporting Plan: Using this plan, you can export your creation for free with SD360 video quality. You can download, edit, and publish your video any time you want.
  • Paid Exporting Plan: By selecting this plan, you can get HD videos. For pricing details, click here.

You can create engaging and result-driven slideshows easily by following this step-by-step guide. Create attractive interior design slideshow videos by yourself in minutes. With Renderforest, building slideshows is not a big deal, all you need is an out of the box theme to engage the audience.


There is no better way to display the virtues of your properties than slideshow videos. An engaging real estate slideshow video encourages the buyers for in-person visits through the property. Being a real estate agent or an interior designer, you should opt for video marketing approach to boost your client engagement and business revenue. For your next real estate project, make sure to create engaging real estate videos with Renderforest to boost your real estate sales

This articole was provided by the Chief Marketing Officer at Renderforest, Roman Danghyan.


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