How to Add Style to Your Home Office Desk with Leather

When you think of an office, your mind may wander to a place of cubicles, horrible lighting, and bad paint colors. These awful, soul-crushing images should never translate into your home office at ALL! Your work space doesn’t have to be completely devoid of style in order to be functional.

A home office should not only be a place where your productivity and creativity can perform at top levels, but it should also represent who you are as a person! Whether you need a hint of style, or want to completely remodel your home office, there are lots of ways you can add comfort to your home with leather. Here are a few ways you can decorate your office with warm, natural, leather!


Frames and Holders

Adding pictures to your office desk is a great way to add charm, as well as add a touch of leather. Leather picture frames are amazing for placing some warmth onto your desk, not to mention a picture of the reason why you’re working! Inspiration through the faces of those you love, and a little style through the leather frame.

You can also add leather pen and pencil holders to your desk as well. There are also leather letter trays and leather paperclip holders you can place on your desk. Add a pop of style with leather, while being completely practical!

Desk Pad

You can add custom leather desk pads to your work space to incorporate a clean look and a feeling of warmth. Desk pads are an added luxury that do the following:

  • Protects your desk from scrapes, spills, ink, scratches
  • Adds padding and comfort for writing and typing
  • Creates dedicated work space for organization
  • Can add a pop of color

Desk pads are a great way to insert a pop of style to your drab desk top!

File Holders

Declutter your desk while adding to the rustic and natural décor of your work space with a leather file holder. They can come in a myriad of different styles, but they work just as well as a plastic or wooden file holder at sorting your important documents!


The desk chair you choose for your office is just as important as the desk itself. They can be considered two sides of the same coin! Adding one of the best home office desk chairs on the market to your office is a great way to warm up the room with style and leather!

Added Extras

There are so many items that can be made from all natural leather that can integrate the luxurious, unique style you’re going for in your home office. Whether they sit on the desk, next to it, or roll around it, here are a few things that will add some leather flare to your home office!

  • Leather trash bins
  • Leather letter trays
  • Leather coasters
  • Leather desk valet
  • Leather notebooks
  • Leather planners

Integrating leather into your home office is simple. The luxurious style and feeling that comes from quality, natural leather can only add to the comfort you’ll feel once you get down to work!

Adding Style to Your Home Office with Leather

The way you style your home office can have major repercussions on your work productivity and your mood. Whether you use a leather bin, add a handmade desk pad, use a great office chair, or add a few frames, there are lots of ways you can incorporate leather into your home office. Adding a little luxury and charm to your personal work space!

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