4 Areas to Install Security Cameras Around Your Business or Home

Security, whether at the workplace or in the comfort of your own home, should always be a priority. Yet far too often we do not take security as seriously as we should. It is estimated that there are about 2.5 million break-ins each year in the United States, according to burglary statistics reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Shockingly, only 13 percent of those crimes are solved by the authorities.

Keep what matters most to you safe with a home security system. Today’s contemporary home security monitoring systems are not just more high-tech and comprehensive than ever before, but they are more appealing, too. No longer are typical home monitoring systems bulky and unattractive eyesores. Many home security monitoring options are designed to blend in to the aesthetic of the home or workplace, all while providing top-notch security. And, like your smart speaker and other smart home technology, a security system can be controlled with your smartphone or device. Thinking about adding security monitoring systems to your workplace or home? These are the top places to add cameras.

The front door

Criminals are brash. So it is not surprise that 34 percent of burglars are estimated to break-in directly through the front door. The best place to install a security camera in this area is in the eves of your home or place of work. Be sure to position the camera to focus on the front door.

The back door

Like the front door of your place of work or your house, the back door is one of the most important places to position a security camera. This area is a hotspot for criminal entry, with 22 percent of burglars entering through the back, according to a survey from International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). Make sure to place the cameras out of reach and keep it protected from tampering or damage.

Off-street windows

Windows that are not in plain view of the street are an easy target for would-be burglars. These areas are commonly targeted because a criminals chances of being seen or caught by a neighbor or passerby are both decreased, as they cannot be seen from the street view. Adding cameras to your off-street windows can give you an added layer of security — at home or at work.

Basement doors or windows

What do you keep stored in the basement? Work supplies? Items of value? Criminals often zero-in on this area. Placing security monitoring cameras at the basement door or positioning cameras to capture activity around basement windows is a smart idea, and it can deter theft. In fact, homes and businesses outfitted with security systems are targeted less often than those that do not have security in place. In this area you may also want to consider adding a security monitoring system that offers motion detection.

Adding security cameras to these strategic locations can keep your home and your business safe. Don’t become a victim. Get that peace of mind you deserve by adding cameras to the front and back door as well as the off-street windows and basement door and windows. You will be glad that you did.


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