5 Dreamy things a Pisces loves in home decor

A hidden sanctuary can best describe the home of a Pisces. Decorated with cozy elements, with a mysterious vibe and a calm feeling, a Pisces home should be the perfect space to relax and run away from the world whenever you feel like it.

You love calm colors and pastels, but also meditation look alike deco elements like candles or pillows. Also, your artistic side is displayed in your dreamy home. That’s why you love to hang posters, framed pictures and paintings in any corner of your home.


Being a dual sign you often have trouble deciding on one certain deco style, that’s why you tend to choose different deco styles for each of your rooms or go for an eclectic look in your home. Also, you are a pretty theatrical sign so a boudoir inspired room like a bedroom or a spa themed bathroom will fit perfectly you style. Moreover, you love to fantasize, so you will often see a touch of fantasy when choosing the perfect deco items for your home.

Pisces love being alone and meditate so they will love a special home nook where they can hide from time to time and gather their own thoughts by listening to music, meditating or reading a great book or magazine.

Therefore, here are the five dreamy essentials a Pisces needs for its gorgeous home:

1. An artsy gallery wall

2. An eclectic room

3. A boidoir inspired bedroom

4. A serene Spa themed bathroom

5. A calm nook

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