5 Unique Home Office Styles and Desks to Match  

Your home office needs to fit your personal style, while being a place where your inner CEO can get down to business. Gone are the days of a stifling work space that lacks inspiration! Decorating your home office needs to not only be about your productivity, but your creativity as well!

There are a LOT of design styles out there that can make any space fit your style. When it comes to your home office, you may want to be a little extra and add some flair to your work space! But how can you match that spice of life you’re throwing into your work environment with a quality desk?


When it comes to finding the right desk, it doesn’t have to be all about keeping it simple! Stay true to yourself and create the home office space of your dreams! Here are five unique home office styles and the desks to match!


Colorful Minimalist

Minimalism is on the rise! Clean lines and simplistic design choices are so trendy right now that it’s hard not to ignore it. When it comes to making your home office your own, you can keep it incredibly simple, create a design on a budget, but still bring a splash of your unique style!

The easiest of additions to your minimalist lifestyle can bring a wave of style! When it comes to keeping your things to a minimum, but you want to bring out your personality, an accent wall can do all of the work for you! A bright addition for an office that has only the essentials. Instead of having lots of throw pillows, or cluttering your desk with lots of pictures, find a pop of color to be your inspiration.

You can also look to add a unique pattern wallpaper, mural, or design element to your walls as well. From creative floral designed wallpaper, to an elegant mural, it doesn’t have to take up space, or be wasteful to add a hint of style. Minimalism is all about letting go of the THINGS that surround us, that doesn’t mean it can’t be colorful and bright!

The Desk:

  • Practicality. Finding a desk that is functional should be priority one! The minimalist lifestyle is focused on keeping the necessities, so the desk needs to be super practical.
  • Simple design. A simple, elegant design is something that drives the minimalist design element. Function first, clean and bold lines next.
  • Just Right. Keep it only to the essentials. A desk that can fit your basic office needs will be perfect. It doesn’t have to be huge, it doesn’t have to be tiny, but it should still be able to sustain your work needs!
  • POP! The colorful minimalist can even add color to their minimal lifestyle by having a colorful desk! Sometimes when you think about minimalism you think about all white, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Find a colorful desk to add to your colorful world!

Outside In

Bringing nature indoors is a great way to relieve stress and make your home office more productive! When it comes to bringing the outside in, it doesn’t just mean having a lot of plants. Some people THRIVE in the warmth of the sun, the fresh air, and by having the great outdoors all around them!

When it comes to decorating your home office to bring the outside indoors, there are a lot of options to consider. Finding the best room in the house with an abundance of natural lighting is really important! Not to mention windows that can allow for the sun to come in, a breeze to blow through the room, but not be too distracting!


Of course, plants are a huge part of bringing nature to life in your home office. Find indoor plants that won’t be too difficult to care for, but will still bring your joy! You can also take care of the planet when decorating your space by choosing all organic, sustainable, and recycled materials for everything from you chair, to your picture frames, to your pens!


The Desk:

  • All About Materials. When it comes to finding the best home office desks for putting nature in your home is all about the materials. Natural, organic, sustainable materials are a MUST!
  • Lots of Space. The desk should be able to fit your work needs, plus all your indoor plants!
  • Tone. Neutral and natural tones are important for finding a desk to help bring mother nature to life in your office! Find a desk that resembles the colors only found in nature!

Hygge Office

Let’s face it, some of us just work better when we are REALLY comfortable. The Hygge life is all about being comfy, cozy, and still getting all your work done. Hygge (hoo-guh) is a Danish lifestyle trend that focuses on a feeling of warmth, contentment, and getting cozy!

Turn your whole life into a comfortable dream, even your home office! Take the steps to make your office not only a place where you can be your own boss, but where you can do it at max comfort levels! There are lots of people trying to get down with the Hygge at their places of work, and that means you can DEFINITELY do it in your home!

There are a lot of design elements that you can incorporate to make your office as comfortable as possible. From a large comfy desk chair, to huge fluffy blankets, to aromatherapy, to pictures of family and friends, the Hygge life is all about you feeling good! Whatever you need to do to make the space as welcoming as possible, do it!

The Desk:

  • Warm Tones. Warm tones can mean neutral and natural colors, to whatever brings a hint of warmth to your heart. The desk should reflect your personal idea of warmth!
  • Comfortable. Yes, your desk can be comfortable, too! Make sure it’s not too tall, or too short, or be certain the drawers are easy to access and you’re not doubled over to get into your planner! The smallest things can make it more comfortable for you while you work.
  • Extras! From added shelves on top for pictures and a warm lamp, to lots of foot space for a small space heater, there are so many ways that you can incorporate Hygge into picking out a desk.

Tech Garden

The tech heavy home office really is the office of the future. That doesn’t mean that it has to be decorated like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie! It simply means that your design style incorporates all the gadgets and gizmos you can have in a modern office!

Your office style has to have a lot of room for all your tech needs. You have lights set up to turn on with the sound of your voice, the room temperature can be set from your smart phone, and you have at LEAST two screens to work from.

Both practical and made to make your life easier, your style is incorporated into your home office with the help of modern advancements in technology! Start from the top tips to help decorate your office, then work on a space that fits your gadgets. You can easily switch from your tablet to your tablet, while you print your invoices wirelessly from your phone!

The Desk:

  • Ports! A tech savvy desk needs to have a single place for a USB ports, include a power strip, and even have built in lights! All the ports, for all the easy access and charging of your devices.
  • Space Saver. A tech heavy office means a need for storage. You’ll need a desk that can comfortably fit your tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, printer, scanner, and your home smart speaker.

The Collector

Sometimes your personal style is all about what inspires you! When it comes to creating a design for your home office, art is more than a little inspirational. Your home office should have you surrounded by the beautiful things that make you work a lot harder!

This office style incorporates a lot of beautiful frames, amazing personal art pieces, and everything from small sculptures to painted pots. Not to mention a few DIY canvas paintings! Filled with color and warmth, this office style takes your creative inspirations and makes them a huge part of your work day!

The Desk:

  • Sturdy. You’ll need a sturdy work station to support your picture frames, original pieces, and of course all of your work needs. Don’t go for the cheap, put it together yourself from a box desk, keep it sturdy!
  • Antique. Antique desks are also works of art! For someone who has surrounded themselves with exciting and stimulating art, finding an antique desk would fit perfectly!

 Style and Function!

When it comes to creating your home office space, these five unique home office styles can help you keep the productive juices flowing! Whether you’re getting comfy with Hygge, keeping it minimalist, or striving to keep the art alive, there is a desk that fits your personal style. Your home office doesn’t have to be drab, make it unique, make it practical, and make it your own!

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