3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Organic Bedding

While organic cotton bedding seems to be new on the scene, it has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last few years. People are now more aware of the harm caused by synthetic materials and are trying to go for organic alternatives instead. Organic bedding has many advantages over non-organic options that extend way beyond comfort. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider making the switch to organic.

Healthier Bedding

People spend a lot of time in their beds, so it’s important that your bedding promotes good health instead of harming it. Organic cotton bed sheets usually contain much less allergens than other options and use less harmful fibers as well. Dyes, pesticides and chemicals can have particularly harmful effects on small babies and children since their skin and immune systems are much more sensitive, so if you have small children, it would be a wiser choice to go for organic bedding if you can.

Environmentally Conscious

Did you know that traditionally farmed cotton is responsible for over a quarter of all pesticides used worldwide? Not only that, but the pesticides used in cotton farming are some of the most harmful and often end up polluting our food supply. Cotton farming has taken a huge toll on the planet and going for organic cotton is a great way to curb this effect.

Choosing organic cotton is also a great way to show support to farmers who are dedicated to clean farming practices. It can also push other farmers who are still using conventional methods to switch to organic to meet the growing demand.

In addition to using less chemicals and being farmed responsibly, brands like SOL Organics offer organic cotton bedding that is also fully biodegradable as well.

Better Comfort

Organic cotton just feels better than other non-organic options. It isn’t laden with harsh chemicals that can alter its structure and is naturally softer as a result. Instead of relying on chemicals to soften the cotton, organic cotton bedding relies on the weaving instead. This allows manufacturers to get the desired softness and density without having to resort to chemical processing.

Organic cotton breathes better and allows moisture to be released, leaving you more comfortable all night long. And they also have a tendency to keep their softness even after regular washes.

A lot of that added quality has to do with how organic cotton is harvested. With traditional harvesting, the farmer will usually pick the cotton with a machine that will also mix it with seeds and other particles. They will then use other chemicals to strip these elements out. Organic farmers, on the other hand, will pick the cotton by hand, which eliminates the need for harsh stripping chemicals.

If you weren’t convinced of all the benefits organic cotton bedding has to offer, we hope we were able to change your mind. Organic cotton is safer, healthier and is a much more environmentally sound choice, so make sure you consider it as an option next time you go shopping for bedding.


photo via erinloves.fun

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