3 ways to convert your roof into extra living space

According to Nationwide Building Society figures, a loft conversion is likely to increase the value of your property by over 20%. It’s an obvious solution for families who need extra space and can’t face the hassle (and cost!) of moving home, changing schools and all the upheaval that goes with changing addresses. It’s also a highly attractive option for anyone thinking of ways to maximise the return on their property investment.

Depending on the size and shape of your existing roof space, there are a number of extension options available once the area has been made habitable. So, what will you do with the extra square footage? Let’s look at the three most popular options.

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Extra bedroom

If you have a growing family or need additional bedrooms for friends or relatives to come and stay, a lodger or the au pair to move in, converting the loft is a clever way to solve the problem. Most attic conversions involve bedrooms, and the charm and character provided by sloping ceilings, built-in furniture solutions and often glorious vistas only adds to the appeal.

While you can let your imagination run riot with interior design ideas suitable for an attic room, don’t forget to think practical too. First of all, there’s the question of where to position the staircase so that it looks good, maximises the space in the new upstairs room (and down below) and conforms to planning requirements. Bear in mind that a loft conversion without a recognised permanent staircase access won’t be considered an extra room, so the uplift in property value will be much reduced.

Another important factor is the ceiling height. Building regulations specify a minimum 2m of clear headroom at the top of the stairs. In addition, it’s advisable to have 2.3m of headroom throughout the attic room particularly above the bed, for the space to be most useful.

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Attic bathroom

A bathroom at the top of the house can be your personal sanctuary tucked away in the loft, and another great way to add value to your home. Go for an indulgent freestanding bath if room dimensions allow, or be savvy with space saving built-in showers or wet rooms to squeeze every inch of space out of your loft conversion.

An attic bedroom with ensuite facilities is a particularly popular option, giving you the best of both worlds. Whether you decide to create the master bedroom suite of your dreams up in the loft, or convert your roof space into a guest room with an ensuite shower, bear in mind that a bathroom comes with its own practical concerns.

How will you get the necessary plumbing for a washbasin, shower and/or bath and WC into the loft? Will there be high enough water pressure? You may need to revisit your hot water supply and central heating system to make sure it can cope with the added facilities.

Ventilation is a big issue for bathrooms. Ideally, you need a window in the bathroom or at the very least a powerful extraction fan to deal with condensation issues and to make sure that damp and mould won’t have a chance to develop.

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Home office

Whether you’re a full-time professional or occasional freelancer juggling a job and family, it’s essential that you have a dedicated space for your work stuff, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. Converting your roof space into an office could be the ideal solution.

Good lighting is key, and not just for visual artists. The best workspaces are bright and airy, with large skylights or roof windows that will flood the room with plenty of natural daylight. ‘Velux’ type roof lights come in many different designs such as top hung and centre pivot windows, with a built-in balcony and even remote control functionality, as is explained here. Why not combine multiple roof windows for a stunning effect?

Finally, make sure there’s enough space for a generous desk, plus room to manoeuvre an office chair. A separate table and chairs or sofa is advisable for client meetings, and fitted storage solutions will help you max out every nook and cranny, keeping your papers and files organised while close at hand.

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