How To Get Your Home Ready For The Onset Of Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s high time to begin preparing your home for BBQ season. If you’re a social creature, then you’re likely going to be thinking of entertaining your friends and family from home, and you want it to be looking its best. You should try and make your space feel cooler and more relaxed by introducing furniture and furnishings of light colors while removing dark pieces and painted feature walls in favor of light or cream pieces and shades. If you have some pieces that are dark, then think about covering them in white linen tablecloth, and making less of a focal feature of them.

Natural Light

You need to harness as much natural light as you possibly can. This involves opening up your blinds or drapes every morning and letting the light of the day filter into each room. If you do have heavy curtains, then think about moving them aside and having white or cream blinds fitted into the window space instead. This means that you can still have plenty of privacy, but you won’t be obscuring quite as much light. If your budget permits, then consider installing larger windows or sliding glass doors to allow more light to seep in. Replacement Windows Arlington TX can help you install patio doors if you’re keen to have an open space leading from inside to out, and enjoy a social area on your lawn this summer.

Cool Space By A Window

Since temperatures are set to soar in the summer, think about creating a cool area by the window, and push a wicker chair with a cotton cushion up to the space to allow for reading in the breeze of the day. You can use this as a retreat from the sun, and enjoy reclining with a tall glass of an ice cold drink, for example.

Clean The Floors

Your carpets can accumulate some serious dirt and grime over the winter and retain unpleasant smells and pet hair, so harness some spring and summer energy and begin to scrub the floors in your home. If you have laminate flooring, then you will have to clean between the grain using a hardwood cleaner and soft dampened cloths. If you’re unsure of where to start or the task seems too great, then consider calling in professionals who can make light work of the job. If not, then you can don your rubber gloves and let the cleaning operation commence. It’s a good idea to remove all furniture in the room before cleaning, as this way you can access the entire floor and you can see exactly what you’re working with.


Set a full day aside to go through your home, and remove items that you don’t want anymore. Clutter can make a room feel stifling and busy, so throw away possessions that don’t have a purpose anymore, are broken or damaged, or don’t hold any sentimental value to you. You’ll find that your home looks and smells cleaner once you’ve taken unnecessary trinkets, clothes, papers, toiletries and so on out and wiped down surfaces. Polish pieces of furniture, and try to use environmentally friendly products wherever possible.


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