7 Amazon finds you need to check out

New amazing products arrived on Amazon from all categories. So we took a look and made a selection of September Amazon finds you need to check out. Washable stripped rug Innovative materials are created more and more often and they all come to make our lives easier. They also come with improved properties like stain resistance, pet friendly and washable.

10 Best mirrors for your home

Mirrors are indispensable accessories. We cannot imagine a room or a house without a mirror. Whether it’s placed on the wall, ceiling or on the furniture, a mirror is not good just for us to check out the looks, but it is also a very nice decoration element. They fill in the blank space just like paintings or works of

How to choose the right dishwasher?

Can you imagine now a world without a dishwasher? It’s amazing how the evolution of kitchen accessories makes everything indispensable.  A dishwasher is one of the best and first investments that you can make for your home. While in it’s beginnings it was considered a luxury, now it’s by far a necessity. With it’s help you save time, conserve energy

Best Amazon deck furniture

If you consider living in a house, you are definitely seeing a deck as an option to extend the space. A deck it’s not only a place to sit, it’s a place to relax, feel comfortable with friends or just chillin’ after a hard day. If you already have a deck and you’re thinking about doing some improvements, beside a

10 Amazon must have kitchen items

It’s time for some cool kitchen hacks, storage solutions and stylish items for a dreamy and organized kitchen. Check out 10 Amazon must-have products for your kitchen space: 1. Amazon kitchen 2022 – The practical corner shelf Take advantage of any space you have in your kitchen and most especially each corner. This farmhouse inspired corner shelf can save you

Amazon Aware conscious home decor picks

I just saw that Amazon launched a sustainable collection! Yes, I’ve been living under a rock. The home line isn’t that broad, but they have a couple of nice pieces, if you are into minimal design. I really like the dreamy pink bedding and the fluffy towels from the Amazon Aware home decor range. Still, their apparel range has more