10 Best mirrors for your home

Mirrors are indispensable accessories. We cannot imagine a room or a house without a mirror. Whether it’s placed on the wall, ceiling or on the furniture, a mirror is not good just for us to check out the looks, but it is also a very nice decoration element. They fill in the blank space just like paintings or works of art. There are various shapes and sizes, with or without light, simple or with decorations.   If you are considering renovating or you just want to improve the aspect of a room, here are 10 best mirrors for your home to get inspired.

1. Round Mirror with gold frame

You can never go wrong with a circular mirror. Depending on the size, it can enhance the aspect of the room, no matter if you choose it for bathroom, hallway or bedroom. Most of them don’t require special instructions at the installation, they’re easy to hang, so no extra personnel is needed.

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2. Square Mirror with with gold & plexi frame

If you like well defined shapes, a square mirror is the perfect option for you. Again, the size is important as it can improve the light in the room.

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3. Irregular shaped mirror

When you go with irregular shapes, you give a modern and contemporary look to the room. One of the biggest advantage is that you can place it both horizontally and vertically depending on the available space.

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4. Floor mirror

A floor mirror has the advantage of showing a full body image. It offers a gorgeous outlook and it decorates the room. Not to say that you can move it to please your needs.

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5. Bathroom mirror with lights

Very useful in bathrooms, but designed for all the rooms in your house. A mirror with light is a perfect accessory. Most of them have multiple types of light, controlled intensity and adjustable color temperature.

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6. Vintage Mirror with silver frame

If you prefer the traditional decorations in your house, you may want to choose a vintage mirror to enhance the aspect of the room. It doesn’t have to be very expensive to give an elegant  aspect. It can also  look like a piece of art if you opt for the proper model for the room.

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7. Smart Mirror

The future is now. This is the most common phrase these day. And it applies to mirrors too. It adds a touch of glamour in the room. Not only it has lights, but also speakers and Bluetooth connection. Enjoy your favorite music while taking a shower. Is that easy!

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8. Wall mounted hanging mirror

Not everyone wants to make a whole in the wall or stick something on it. A hanging mirror is a savior in this type of situations. You can hang it on the ceiling and leave the space on the walls free.

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9. Self adhesive mirror

Yes, this is an option. Self adhesive mirror tiles are very easy to use and really versatile. It can be placed on multiple surfaces and are made of a PET material instead of glass which makes it more durable.


10.Rustic Mirror with wood frame

If wood is your favorite element, a rustic mirror is what you need. It will give a farmhouse look to the room and it’s very easy to integrate it into the decoration.