Amazon college kitchen essentials

Time flies really fast. College is around the corner and you or someone close is getting ready for a new start. What college kitchen tools does today’s college dorm or room need? There are plenty starter kits on the market and some of them might get handy even after college. It’s important to look for things which will last at least one year if not until graduation, maybe multitasking too because space may be a luxury, or tools that are budget friendly. We know how hard it is to have it all prepped up, so here are some ideas for Amazon college kitchen essentials.

Amazon Silverware Set

For sure breakfast, lunch and dinner are going to be a priority so (at least) one plate and a set of silverware should be the first things to pack. A spoon, a fork and a knife are a must in a kitchen.

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Amazon Mixing Bowls

Choose a practical set of multiple sized bowls with tight fitting lids that makes storing and transporting food a piece of cake.  Great for salads, cut up fruits, snacks and everyday use. Make sure to opt for non breakable materials.

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Amazon Mugs

As mentioned before, it’s easier if you look for tools with multiple use. Coffee lover? Tea, cereals, soup, it doesn’t even matter…a set of wide mouth mugs with handle is the perfect option to allow you to enjoy your favorite drink, breakfast or soup.

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Amazon college kitchen essentials: Pans

Frying or cooking pans are a must whether you cook for one or for a group. Try to choose materials that are easy to clean and non sticky. If you prefer pans with lids, be sure to purchase them together as it can be a true nightmare to find the right matching size if you buy them separately.

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Amazon college kitchen essentials: Hot pot with lid

Pasta lovers alert! A sauce pot with lid can save a lot of effort (and money!). You can prepare soups or pasta in the same pot. Choose a dipper one so you don’t have to worry about the quantity of the food. An electric hot pot is the most handy because it will allow you to cook anywhere.

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Amazon mini Sandwich-maker with egg cooker

Breakfast on the run? Early morning? Hangover? A sandwich-maker is the fastest way to grab a bite and go to study.  Not only it is very practical, but it also saves you time and effort and helps you start the day with a warm meal.

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Amazon Coffee machine

Probably the most used tool in any kitchen, a coffee maker is indispensable. Late nights studying, early mornings in exams, they all need to start with a good coffee.

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Cooking Utensils

You’ll sure need those to cook or to share food on plates. There is a multitude of colors and materials available, so you just need to choose the ones that are practical for you. As with the previous tools, make sure to opt for easy to clean utensils so you don’t waste a lot of time with this.

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Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash