10 New H&M Home products for fall

This fall is all about comfort so try adding in your house elements that can give you just that: comfort. Level up your interior aesthetics with elements inspired from nature whether you prefer a minimalistic or a bold style.  Here are 10 new H&M products for fall to get you inspired.

1. Asymmetrical Stoneware Vase

Sculptural shapes are the most wanted in this season, so make sure you add at least one object that fulfills this criteria in your home. An asymmetrical vase for instance can be the most practical and useful element this fall, especially if you love seasonal flowers. Find it here.


2. Large Stoneware Sculpture

Give any room a contemporary look by adding an irregular sculpture. There are so many shapes and sizes and it will be much easier for you to choose from  if you already know the blank space you want to fill. But it here.


3. Rattan Candle Support

If you are a candle lover, then this is the right choice for you. It gives the room a rustic vibe. And combined with your favorite candle scent you will surely get the cozy atmosphere you long for. Find it here.


4. Motif Detail Blanket

Pastel colors are trendy this fall when it comes to decorating elements for the house. A soft blanket is a nice touch, not to mention it is very useful and cozy. But it here.


5. Cotton Storage Basket

If you are tired of all the objects scattered all over the place, you should consider purchasing a storage basket. Made of cotton fibers and with handles, these storage baskets are not only great at storing things, they can also improve the aspect of a room and create contrast if you choose the right color. Get it here.


6. Wooden Plant Pot

Give your plants a treat! A wooden plant pot makes the perfect contrast of colors with your beautiful plants and it gives a vintage air to the room. Find it here.


7. H&M Home products for fall: Glass Tea Light Holder

Candles are by far our favorite elements when it comes to decorations. Add a transparent holder in colors you love to create a cozy atmosphere inside the house. Buy it here.


8. Seat Cushion

Twill seat cushions are made to be placed anywhere, especially inside. We are very familiar with placing them in the kitchen or on the terrace, but we don’t have to limit their usage. Very practical, a seat cushion in pastel colors can bring us in the proper mood this fall. Get them here.


9. Cushion Cover

First thing we do every season is to change the cushion covers and we want to keep up with the trend. This fall you might want to try some jute blend cushion covers that combines a grey charcoal with neutral shades. Find it here.


10. H&M Home products for fall: Green Stoneware Mug

These mugs are literally lasting for years and each one of them is quite unique due to the materials they are made of. Not to mention that stoneware mugs bring a sense of comfort to your favorite hot drinks. Get it here.



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