Dark green kitchen idea from deVOL

Well, it’s actually an emerald mixed with racing green kitchen, but we can call it dark green kitchen for the sake of simplicity. This beauty is a deVOL kitchen, The Peckam Rye kitchen, where luxe meets bohemian through many of elements. We have the beautiful rich green shades that look wonderful with the brass details, then there’s the marble countertop

Selecting Lighting for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where they gather for a hearty family dinner, a fun party, a romantic get-together, or just to grab a bite to eat. Creating a cozy, comfortable environment will help to choose the right lighting. Here it is important to consider two main factors. Firstly, aesthetics. Any lighting fixture must fit into

3 Trendy Design Ideas To Completely Change Up Your Kitchen On A Budget 

The number of kitchen remodeling projects increased by 40 percent in mid-2020, according to CNBC. Alongside bathrooms, kitchens have long been popular remodeling choices, because of their central role in the home. Nowadays, more members of the family are getting involved in the kitchen, and this is reflected by the increasing popularity of kitchen remodels.  More than just a place to cook meals,

A fun Urban Outfitters kitchen

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for spring! We had such a long and cold winter, so I just can’t wait to enjoy warmer weather and the sun! This is Urban Outfitters kitchen gives me so many spring and laid back vibes, a relaxed Cali spring, if there is such thing. Loving the rich dark green kitchen

5 Common Cooktop Issues to Look Out For

We all assume that our home’s appliances will work properly for us, day in and day out. It’s not until they start having problems that we tend to pay attention to signs that something is amiss. Yet, when this happens, it can be incredibly frustrating and stressful, not to mention costly and time-consuming to deal with. Unfortunately, the reality is

6 Stunning Farmhouse kitchens to get obsessed with this season

This season the farmhouse kitchens are getting more glam and more detail oriented looking like stunning museums where your finest dishes, glasses, mugs and wood kitchen utensils truly shine. Check out 6 stunning Farmhouse kitchens to get obsessed with this season: Photo credit 1. Glam look Mix the two most trendiest styles this season has to offer. Pair farmhouse themed kitchen