6 kitchen design ideas you will want to copy

When you think about the most important room in your house, most of us would say it is the kitchen. It’s just something about this room that offers the sense of “home”. Even if you are a great cook, a mother, a wife or you live alone and love to have people over, most of the times, all the special memories start in the kitchen. It is the room where you prepare your meals or your guests enjoy the appetisers and creates the most lovely time together.

If you think about remodeling or you are just moving into a new place, the best option will be to think about the functionality of every room. For example, if your living room will be just living room or maybe you will need to transform it in bedroom sometimes. If your kitchen is big enough to have a kitchen island or it has to become your dining room as well and so on.

For instance, your kitchen could set the tone in terms of decorating style for the entire house or it can just be that special room that has its own style. It combines a lot of elements, from cabinets to countertops, it needs more or less storage space and, most importantly, it needs a big range of appliances. From different colors to textures, choosing the perfect kitchen for you could be a fun experience. From small to big ones, we share below 6 kitchen designs you will want to copy someday.

1. Warm tones kitchen design ideas

Most of us will chose some warm tones for their kitchen. It is a safe color palette and it could be combined in different kind of styles. If you want to go for a timeless design that will adapt in time, choose these warm tones for your walls and even your furniture.

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2. Pastel Blue Touches kitchen design

Even though you love the timeless vibes, you can definitely adapt it to your home. For example, some pastel touches of blue will offer a serene atmosphere with some subtle details. Your kitchen will feel clean, refreshing, simple and visual pleasing.


3. Classic white kitchen

A timeless all white kitchen brings that fresh and clean feeling to every home. If your kitchen has a lot of natural light it certainly becomes a dreamy room to spend a lot of time in.


4. Modern Chic kitchen

You may love the idea of modern design but it won’t perfectly fit your entire home? Don’t worry! You can adapt it with some chic touches that will fit to your lifestyle. For example, you can choose some safe neutral colors for the furniture and floors and add some black touches with the cabinets.

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5. Black and White kitchen design ideas

The contrast of black and white it’s a classic and timeless one. Even in the kitchen, gives a feeling that is going to pass the test of time. The most important thing is that you balance the vibe with some bronze touches, for example, that will give that sophisticated vibe.

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6. Minimal

The Scandinavian Minimal design style could easily be adapted in the kitchen as well. For instance, when you choose a minimal style, you need to have in mind that everything should be based on functionality. On the other hand, a minimal style could be very appropiate for an organized and uncluttered kitchen. That is to say, keep it simple with the accesories and textures and choose some neutral colors.

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