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I’ve known Ștefana, @stefanateodoroiu, for about 8 years or more, she’s a Romanian content creator who loves nature, animals and moving furniture around the house. She’s such a kind & bright person and her home reflects that, you will see.  She lives with her husband and 4 pets, one dog, Cisco, and 3 cats, Skye, Fru and Nova, in a house in the suburbs of Bucharest.

The house has a beautiful garden and even a pond. I know! How cool is that? Ștefana and her husband did all the garden work, right she’s  studying to become a landscaper and she fosters animals too.

The dreamy home in the suburbs of Bucharest

What is your home style?

I cannot specifically point to a single style because I get influenced a lot by various elements. For instance, the ground floor is a mixture of industrial and farmhouse, while the bedroom has more of a cottage feel. I try to blend them as much as possible, but I love mixing and matching.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Pinterest (ha, did anybody expect anything else), nature (I love wood as a natural element, lots of dried up flowers, green plants) and the homes of my friends.

Which is the dreamiest room /corner in your home?

I think that would be the bedroom for me. It’s cozy with the built-in electrical fireplace, it has a lot of wood furniture, textures, lovely morning light and most of my plants.

What was the biggest challenge while renovating / decorating?

Definitely the fireplace, we knew we wanted one in the bedroom, but the house had no space for a chimney, so we went with an electrical one, but we had to find someone able to build the rest around it and make it look as close to the real one as possible.

Custom made cabinet / hexagonal wall shelves from Jysk.

Yellow throw blanket from Pepco / Light piece from Ikea

Skye, Fru & Nova lounging without a care in the world! Bedspread from H&M Home, Bucharest map from Mapiful!

I know you love DIYs, which one if your favorite?

It’s like making me choose between my kids, haha, I cannot say I have only one favourite DIY project, but the laundry baskets one is definitely among them. We had that narrow hallway leading to the master bathroom and I knew I just had to use the space in a smart way.

Even though it was an easy project to do, it’s one of my favourites because it truly fits in there perfectly, it is extremely useful for us and it elevates the space a lot. Now I just gotta make time to hang that picture frame that’s been waiting there for over a year :/ does anyone else procrastinate this?

Where do you find the best décor pieces for your home?

I’m a big IKEA fan and always end up shopping there for furniture and also for decor pieces. Another favourite of mine is Biano.

Any tips for people starting to decorate their home?

Don’t rush. Take your time, leave in your home for a little while or start with small changes at first until you realize what you want to do. I painted my bedroom wall 2 years after we moved because I wanted to be sure of the colour palette I wanted for that room. Also, don’t be afraid to move furniture around, I do it at least once a year, it makes me feel like I have a brand new place to decorate and live in.

Cisco being a good boy!

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