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Today were visiting the super cozy and dreamy home of Ola, @olaliving_home on instagram. Ola lives with her husband, daughter and puppy on the upper floor of a agritourism farm in a mountain area. How cool is that? She’s extremely creative and you can see that in her home.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Ola and I live near the border of Poland with Slovakia, in a picturesque tourist town in the heart of the Pieniny Mountains. Our house comes was build in the 1970s. From the very start , my in-laws ran a small agritourism farm here.

My husband and I moved to the house 8 years ago and we have been constantly renovating it ever since. Our family occupies two offices, the first floor and the attic, and my father-in-law is on the ground floor. It can be said that we have tow separate apartments in the house.

It is a large, family, old house that requires constant work and financial outlays. This year, we redecorated the terrace and made a revamped  the kitchen. We did a DIY and painted the fronts and glued the countertops. We often use affordable ideas that give a beautiful visual effect but do not cost a fortune. In this way, we also changed the bathroom by painting the tiles.

All the work is done together with my husband. I’m in charge of the design part and my husband is the one that makes my designs come to life. We complement each other perfectly. Professionally, I run my own clothing store and sometimes I help my friends with redecorating their homes,  it is my passion.

What is your home style?

Our house is decorated in a boho style with Scandinavian and loft style accessories. I like wood and natural materials. I am a great fan of textiles, which is why our home is full of decorative pillows and blankets that create coziness in the interior.

Which is the dreamiest room in your home?

Plants are also one of my greatest passions. My collection currently has around 120 different flowers. The room where most of the plants are located is the most vibrant room in our home. Green calms and gives us a sense of relaxation.

What was the biggest challenge while renovating?

The biggest challenge during the renovations in our house was the organization of the space. We wanted to tear down a wall between the kitchen and the living room. We wondered for a long time whether it would be possible, because it was a load-bearing wall, we finally succeeded.

Any tips for people starting to decorate their home?

When decorating my home, I follow my intuition and I do not limit myself in any way. After all, this is our home and we are supposed to live in it and enjoy it. My advice is to go with the flow and follow your intuition, so you will love your space at the end.

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