7 Darling boho farmhouse spaces you will love this season

Time for some serious decorating time, a new dreamy style is in town! We’re talking about the boho farmhouse look, a mix between two popular styles: the summer’s favorite – the bohemian style – and the biggest comeback of the season – the farmhouse style. So check out 7 darling boho farmhouse spaces you will love this season:

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1. The fabulous bedroom

It’s easy to make a fabulous and calm looking bedroom if you choose the boho farmhouse look. Get inspired by the farmhouse style and pick wooden nightstands and dreamy green plants and three branches. Also, make this interior super dreamy with boho prints, knitted blankets and woven deco elements, especially a fabulous woven chandelier.

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2. The calm living space

A mix between the bohemian and farmhouse style will guarantee a calm living space. Choose statement woven pieces and hang them on the wall, pick statement mirrors with a wooden frame, think about a neutral color palette and wooden deco elements and style everything up with a lot of green plants and green three branches.

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3. A touch of color

A small or large balcony are both great options for the boho farmhouse look. Choose wooden or rattan furniture, pick wooden shelves for storage or for making a balcony garden and add a pop of color in this space with colorful blankets, pillows cushion and balcony plants.

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4. Chill weekends

Enjoy a chill weekend at home in the perfect dining space that also serves as a cozy nook. Choose the boho farmhouse style for this space and surround everything with plants hanged from the ceiling, added on the table or on the floor; boho prints for pillows cushion; farmhouse lamps and wooden chairs and deco elements.

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5. The relaxing kitchen space

A boho farmhouse kitchen space will always look relaxing, especially if you choose a neutral color palette. So, to make this kitchen super dreamy, choose open wooden shelves and style them with the dreamiest neutral items, mugs and dishes you have and also with woven deco elements and green plants.

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6. SPA feeling

A boho farmhouse bathroom space will instantly get a SPA feeling so make sure to choose this dreamy mix of styles if you really want to relax in your bathroom. Pair round mirrors with gorgeous woven baskets used for storage and add a fresh and farm style vibe with fresh flowers and green plants added in neutral vases or pots.

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7. The dreamy cabinet

Make a wooden cabinet the perfect boho farmhouse corner with dreamy, calm and eye catchy pieces. Style it with a round mirror, some woven lamps, nature inspired framed pictures, green plants and don’t forget to style every small item in chic wooden trays.

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