10 Creative Urban Outfitters items we love right now

This summer is all about creative pieces, original prints and calm elements and at Urban Outfitters we can easily find those things. Check out 10 Creative Urban Outfitters items we love right now:

1. The tiled cube side table

If you want a creative side table to add anywhere in your home, then, choose a unique looking one, like this cool one shaped like a tiled cube. Check it out here.

2. The cool glass

Choose summer glasses with fun motives that will keep you refresh at all times in a very stylish way. Shop this creative water glass model right here.

3. Ready for summer

Get ready for the warmest season of the year with themed candles that will reminder you of the sea. This pear clam candle looks super elegant. Buy it here.

4. Summer garden

Plant dreamy plants everywhere in your house and choose special elements, like this gorgeous hexagon planter to show them off. Find it here.

5. The ethno looking wallpaper

This season wallpapers are more popular that painted walls, making it easier to change the look of a room or a corner of your home. Shop this ethno looking wallpaper right here.

6. The golden lantern

Get inspired by the dreamy Oriental terraces and outdoors and make your balcony or garden just magical with dreamy golden lanterns. Purchase them here.

7. The pastel and calm looking candles

Looking for even more creative shapes for your summer home? Then, these Yin & Yang candles in calm shades will do the trick. Check them out here.

8. Believe doormat

Welcome your guests with a happy and colorful doormat or just add it to make everyday one that you can start with a big smile on your face. Buy it here.

9. The cool throw blanket

Decorate your bed, armchair or sofa with a cool & fun throw blanket that says “Good at naps”. If you like it, you can check it out right here.

10. The white locker

A versatile white locker goes anywhere, especially in the summer season when it can work as a great storage solution for your balcony or terrace. Shop it here.


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