5 Easy tips on how to make a cottage style home

The cottage style is becoming more and more popular in interior design, showing us that we love to go back to our roots, we love simplicity and that special charm a gorgeous vacation village has. Check out 5 easy tips on how to make a cottage style home:

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1. Pick nature inspired elements

From the furniture to the deco elements you pick for this dreamy style, everything has to be nature inspired. Wooden and woven pieces are great for your furniture and when it comes to the perfect deco pieces choose: rattan, raffia, wood, recycled glass, pottery items and even stone.

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2. Show off the prettiest deco elements you own

The cottage style is super charming and that special charm is also given by the dreamiest deco elements you can find. Open shelves, countertops or table styling are a must when it comes to a space, so show off your dreamiest pieces and match them with retro paintings, flowers and plants. Nature inspired vases, copper dishes, wooden kitchen utensils, raffia or rattan items are among the most popular elements you can show off this season.

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3. Find the perfect balance between neutrals and a pop of color

Every stylish cottage interior has to have that dreamy pop of color. It can be a solar and happy one such as yellow, it can resemble the sky – light blue or it can represent nature – sage or olive green or it can be that calm pastel shade everyone loves. Match this one color with your favorite neutrals and you will love the creative cottage inspired space you will have.

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4. Give it the country life touch

The cottage style means giving that small vacation house charm to a space, especially the one from a house you can easily find in a village, therefore you need those special deco elements that will do the trick! Think of vintage pieces, framed pictures that show a farm spirit, show your vegetables and fruits and pick gorgeous baskets like the ones used for gathering flowers in the field.

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5. Choose a lot of seasonal flowers and plants (there are never too many)

Flowers and plants add that special charm to a cottage inspired space. They bring it closer to nature, therefore emphasizing on this lovely style. Moreover, they are a constant celebration of your favorite plants and seasonal flowers. So, pick green plants and add pops of color with lovely lilac, dreamy peonies, field flowers or romantic roses.

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