5 Dreamy ways to refresh your wardrobe for summer

It’s that time again to make major changes in your wardrobe section. Besides separating the seasonal clothes, another important aspect is making everything pretty and stylish. So, check out 5 dreamy ways to refresh your wardrobe for summer:

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1. Take out the fall and winter clothes to make room for the warm season items

In order for you to have a better organized wardrobe and to find easier a new outfit to start the day, you need to make a switch between the winter and the summer clothes. You can either store the winter items behind the summer ones or just store the unnecessary and thick clothes in boxes. This way you will have in front only the things you need and wear and it will be easier for you to find a good and proper outfit. Just keep one or two jackets in case its going to get cold one of these days.

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2. Pull out the statement pieces and style them with plants and flowers

Every new season has its statement pieces divided between the things you really love in that certain season and the things that are trending right now. Another good trick to easier find an outfit is to add these statement pieces or just the things you plan to wear soon on a practical rack. This way you will see them better and it will be easier for you to start the day. Also, make this rack super cool and stylish with vases filled with seasonal flowers and oversized green plants.

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3. Find new stylish storage solutions for your favorite accessories

Each season you like to wear new accessories and jewelry. Summer is definitely the season for sunglasses and a lot of fun jewelry,  especially the ones with colorful stones or lovely rings, so add these special items on elegant trays, creative plates or glass metal boxes. Besides being chic storage solutions, they are a great way to display accessories for you to see them better. Moreover, to make the accessory corner more stylish, add seasonal flowers and scented candles.

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4. Give a spotlight corner to your favorite shoes, bags and hats

If you are passionate about big accessories like hats, bags or shoes, make sure you give them a special corner to shine. Add you hats on the wall on nails and surround them with boho elements and green plants. Choose a stylish cart for your bags and shoes or display your bags and shoes in a bookcase styled with books and chic deco pieces.

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5. Mix and match your favorite summer clothes and accessories with summer inspired deco elements

If its summer in your wardrobe, it should also be in your home! This season style your favorite clothes and accessories with seasonal deco elements. Choose nature inspired furniture to show off your favorite accessories, surround a rack with pampas details, macrame elements and an ethno rug and also add cool pieces on woven stools or woven side tables.

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