Top 10 Bedroom Design Ideas Great for Small Spaces

A cramped bedroom can feel claustrophobic, and quite frankly, un-livable.  But, sometimes we have no say in the size of the bedroom design, therefore, we have to think out of the box and see what best can be done to create magic in a small space bedroom. By using a little thinking into strategy and creative organizing, your small space will look pretty close to extravagant.

If you have discovered through it all: that hiding storage space, incorporating a retractable bed into the bedroom interior design, or even utilizing the wall space properly, these little tips can surely do you wonders.

Another tip that will go a long way when it comes to a small bedroom design is making sure that there is no extra furniture clutter on the floor. Having drawer storage under the bed if you lack closet space is a great tip to follow too.

And, if you are considering having a reading nook but your bed takes up too much space in your small bedroom, you can think about building a loft to sleep in.

Lighting plays a big part in making the most out of your room. If there is not enough lighting, the bedroom just looks smaller.

Some of these bedroom design ideas which are listed below will provide you a comfortable feel and most importantly will make sure that your home looks clutter-free.

Just steal these small bedroom design ideas, and you’ll come to believe that size doesn’t matter.

All Eyes On That Ceiling

In every room of every home, there is the fifth wall and that is without a second thought, the boring ceiling. But, what if we told you that your ceiling can make your small bedroom design look a lot more spacious. A ceiling with a view can be the focal point in your bedroom that everyone can look up to.

To create an impressive ceiling view for a small space bedroom design, gold polka dots draw the eye upwards elevating the appearance of the small space. You can also opt for a patterned ceiling which makes miracles if the bedroom has a sloped ceiling or an odd shape.

Shelves are your best friend when it comes to storage

Looking for a way to live large in your small space bedroom? The secret is in your storage solutions. Frame your bed with shelves to gain that storage space and room if you want to display your favorite books and collections.

Your door on double-duty

When space is premium, your bedroom door needs to go on double-duty. With the help of hangers and hooks, you can store a lot of extra baggage behind the door like handbags and accessories.

Let there be light in your small bedroom 

Lighting plays a big role in creating space in small bedrooms. If you’re working with tiny nightstands or no stands at all, consider mounting lights to the wall.

Sconces placed on either side of the bed also provide additional light to a small bedroom. If you want your bedroom to have a touch of quirkiness, a ceiling fan with a light attached is a great idea.

Since bedrooms are a place for rest, rope lights can play the right role in creating the right mood. Add rope lights to a tray ceiling to create a tranquil atmosphere in the small bedroom.

Bookshelves For That Avid Reader

Install a floor to ceiling bookshelf to store your favorite reads. You can also utilize this space for other storage purposes.

Go wild with wallpaper

It might seem a tad much for a small space bedroom, but a bold and bright wallpaper will help make your room look spacious. You don’t need to cover the entire wall to make a statement, just choose a small nook in your bedroom.

Say hello to multi-purpose furniture

When you lack storage space in your bedroom, you should think of using clever furniture. You can attach a pull-out desk to the wall which can be used as a study or even a dining table. The nightstand doubles as a dresser and a folding chaise can be adjusted to be a floor sofa or a bed.

Your bed is the key to solve space issues

If your bed has storage compartments you are lucky. If it does not, take advantage of woven under-bed baskets which are indeed pretty and functional for a small space bedroom design.

A murphy bed is also a good design idea for small bedrooms.

You can also opt for a day bed and watch your bedroom double up in size.

Bring in Foldable Pieces

When there is no option left, but to manage in a small space bedroom foldable pieces are a great way to make your room look clutter-free. Use a slim foldable stool instead of an accent chair so that you can tuck away when not in use.

Opt for dark walls

Contrary to popular belief, dark-colored walls don’t necessarily make a room feel smaller in size. Sometimes they have an opposite effect thus creating the illusion of an expansive space.  The key is, instead of painting the entire space in a dark color, paint one wall.

Navy blue, olive green, scarlet reds, and charcoal grey are some of the colors which are good for small apartment bedroom designs.

Photo by Alexander Zvir from Pexels

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