Keeping Your Garden Private and Cozy- The Best Fences to Invest in 2021

A new year can bring various new ideas for a change. Maybe it’s the year you decided to give your old fence a rest and finally invest in a new one? Fencing is more than just a separation wall between your property and the public; it should be a piece adding a glimpse of decoration into your backyard, whilst providing the feeling of comfort and security.

You can choose from classical wooden panels that combine privacy with nature to sculpted designs of stone that showcase not only a beautiful design but provide the utmost feeling of privacy. So whatever you imagine your sense of security and confidentiality looking like while put in place, make sure to contact your local zoning division to ensure that the type of fencing you want to add is acceptable. You’ll omit yourself any problems you may face later on. Remember to always opt for professionals to install your fencing, such as Beesley and Fildes in Liverpool, which will guarantee that your fence is installed properly to ensure it will hold up for years to come.

We gathered a list of the best fences to invest in, so if you’re on the fence about which one to pick, we’re here to help you decide!


Vinyl fencing is the first pick when considering fencing for many. The classic countryside look, combined with the added privacy, makes the paneled fencing look good for many years to come. The outdoor privacy divider makes for a great fence not only due to its durability, but provides for a beautiful landscaping idea when combined with trees, colourful plants, and a well-kept yard.

Thick, quality vinyl fencing, will not only hold up for a prolonged period, but it also won’t drain your wallet; being a cost-efficient alternative. It provides a level of privacy to your outdoor living that will block any areas you might want to separate yourself from but isn’t overwhelming in its size or structure. Moreover, modern vinyl designs can withstand a lot of wear and tear if installed correctly by professionals and occasionally washed to upkeep it’s look.

Cedar Wood

This is an excellent choice for wooden fencing if that’s the direction you’re heading to, whilst trying to spare your credit card the extra work. This mid-priced wood provides not only backyard privacy with its natural wooden composition blending in perfectly with any trees you might want to add, but it’s natural oils also make for an excellent insect repeller.

Cedarwood is also highly praised for being rot-resistant, giving it a long lifespan without having to sacrifice its natural look in the process. These types of wooden panelings along the perimeter of your house will not only give it a comfortable floating feeling but can be beautifully matched with outdoor plants, a wooden patio or even a pergola to accentuate the backyard space- and make it a focal point of your outdoor living area.


Redwood is feasibly one of the most expensive woods for fencing on the market. Still, the quality, durability and everlasting look created by the wooden panels make it worth every cent. The Redwood wall is not only a great way to create a privacy screen with an aesthetically pleasing look, but it also provides your backyard with the utmost oasis of relaxation and nature.

The fence manages to create a unique boundary, that’s simultaneously modern, and timeless. However, they do require more maintenance than other fencing due to its softness, requiring the application of oil once or twice a year; and consistent cleaning to help it maintain it’s natural aesthetic. If you’re a fan of Redwood, but can’t justify wrapping your whole backyard with it due to its high price, use it only for designated areas, such as patio privacy fences or even a small lattice.


If lifelong durability, with minimal maintenance, is your number one priority, we recommend you take a look at metal fencing. There are more types of metal fencing then we could even count, with all sorts of varieties of them- from the simple iron ones to the uniquely shaped, made to order variations. With so many different metal types on the market, they can be as simple, or as complex, as you desire them to be.

However, most types of metal fencing provide little privacy. The gaps in between the metal barriers aren’t most often covered with anything; therefore if you’re opting to add privacy around your property, we suggest looking at a wood fencing option instead. Even though metal fencings don’t require a lot of maintenance, they do require painting once in a while, as with some metals rust can easily be formed. In addition to that, if you have some modern landscaping ideas you’re planning on incorporating to your yard, metal fencing might add a sort of industrial look to your home.


With so many different fencing variations on the market, it can be hard to choose exactly the style you want to incorporate to the total look of your home, as well as your garden. We recommend that you select the fencing depending on the factors you value the most, if it’s to add a natural feeling to your yard, we suggest you opt for raw material such as wood.

Suppose on the other hand you’re more inclined into the aspect of longevity, and live in an area that you feel provides you with enough privacy already, a metal fence might be ideal for you, due to its substantial durability.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

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