Adorn Your Home With Vintage Furniture

When looking for furniture, there are two aspects to consider – functionality and looks – and vintage furniture offers both, and a lot more besides. The vintage era saw the arrival of fine woodworking machinery, while early pieces would be hand-crafted by one of the skilled joiners and cabinet makers of that time. If you are one of the many UK homeowners that love to furnish their homes with fine vintage furniture, here are a few tips on acquiring pieces.

Flea Markets

Of course, there are bargains to be had, although you have to put in the hours, then there’s the expense of travelling. If you happen to live near one such market, a weekly visit is recommended, and who knows? You might stumble upon a rare antique hidden away in a corner! Car boot sales are another potential venue for fine vintage furniture, if you have the time, that is. Of course, you won’t find any large furniture items, but boot sales are great places for old ornaments and vases, and you never know what you might find.

The Antique Dealer

All UK antique dealers are online and they have a huge network, which means if you forge an alliance with a local dealer, you will be able to source specific items with ease. The network allows you to find vintage chairs from dealers UK-wide and you can’t get any better than having access to the entire UK. This avoids trawling the flea markets and boot sales, plus you know that the items will be authentic and fairly priced. When you buy from an antique dealer, you can be sure that the item is genuine and most of the time, the dealer will know some of the piece’s history, which is always nice.

Social Media

There are many Facebook groups that are dedicated to old furniture and a few hours over the weekend sitting at your laptop would likely result in a good find, plus you will get to know other like-minded people who appreciate fine furniture and that can never be a bad thing. You can even receive notifications when certain items come onto the platform, giving you the edge.

Feature Pieces

If you want the right balance of old and new in your decor, choose a couple of main vintage pieces, perhaps a military chest and a walnut bookcase, and the best way to source such items is with your local antique dealer, who has a nationwide network. All he needs is a description of the piece and he can soon source a few.

Photo credit Unsplash

Regarding decor and layout, there are free online resources, offering advice about merging old and new furniture, and be creative. You’ll be surprised at the outcome. With Google images, you can be inspired by some fine examples of how a room can look. Vintage furniture lasts for many years, is very well made and there are some great styles. Many homeowners prefer vintage furniture to the modern, flatpack products we can buy in the superstores.

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